Had to Have It: Saint Laurent Camera Bag


1590cdn on YSL site

Matelasse grain de Poudre embossed leather

19x11x5 cm/ 57 cm Shoulder strap drop


Why I Had to Have It:

Let’s be honest & just get this little disclaimer out of the way so we can carry on unencumbered – I didn’t need this bag, I wanted it. We all know what I’m talking about so let’s not masquerade here girls.

I needed a versatile bag that I could either dress up or down (nowadays it’s down who am I kidding). I tend to lean towards gold hardware because I find it more elegant for an evening look and it just makes the bag a little more distinctive in my opinion.

Durability was also a deciding factor for me because I’m out here trying to save my pennies and I’m not about to shell out for a new designer bag every month. The caviar style leather is quite scratch resistant unless you’re really digging your claws into it so it doesn’t need to be handled like a newborn baby.

I also like most of my bags to be able to hold a significant amount and I was really pleased with the interior space. There’s three card slots on the inside which I love because it saves you the need for having to purchase a wallet if you don’t already have one. There’s also a slot on the outside for anything that you need to store quickly like receipts & business cards, or in Jennifer’s case, parking tickets.

I also loved the overall size of the bag because I pack light the majority of the time so a smaller bag that wasn’t too small was ideal. This isn’t the kind of bag you want to choose if you like to carry your entire life (and a small survival kit) with you.


Beautiful leather and eye-catching hardware. Perfect for everything from a chill dinner to a pool party or bar hopping (looking at you Vegas).

It’s not bulky, and the chain isn’t heavy. I personally hate feeling as if I’m lifting a 5 lb weight when all I’m trying to do is live life with my bewitching bag. The chain also manages to look dainty and feminine while also having the function of staying in place on your shoulder (curb chain). There’s nothing more annoying than having a chain keep sliding off, it’s the equivalent of not being able to walk in heels IMO.

This baby fits my essentials, easy – card holder, keys, lipstick (never leave home without it) & these days, a significantly sized hand sanitizer and a mask. Oh, and there’s always room for a pack of gum because – mask/wine breath.

Jennifer stuffed her things into my bag because she needed to confirm I wasn’t lying about the space.


The attached tassel is like a stage 5 clinger – it’s not going anywhere. It looks great and gives the bag a little bit of edge but I’m ruminating about the possibility of fraying. Hopefully it remains intact but I’ll definitely post an update if anything changes. Send over those thoughts and prayers ladies, ha ha.

Another observation to make note of is that the strap isn’t adjustable. I find the length perfect, even worn crossbody but all you ladies who are taller than 5’7 might find it too short to be worn as a crossbody bag & all you shorties might find it a little too long. My pro tip concerning this is – try it on in store if you can.

Another qualm is that YSL camera bags are notorious for their bulging zipper. It’s a common occurrence for many similar styles so it’s not a defect. For some reason the top just doesn’t lie flat but it could be that I’m extremely finicky because some people might not even notice it. You know how sometimes you think your nose looks too big or your pinky finger doesn’t look right and when you tell someone they think you’re crazy delusional? It could be something like that. I’ll let you decide.

Jennifer thinks you can learn to love the cons but we’ll let you decide.

Overall first impression:

So far I absolutely love this bag. I love a good aesthetic and this bag definitely brings something different to the table. This little gem has definitely filled the hole in my closet for a decently sized, easy to pair evening bag. I’m not that kind of person who could walk into a room with a clutch and remember to leave with it. It’s a great bag to complement pretty much any outfit whether it’s denim and sneakers, shorts and a bathing suit top or any kind of more elegant trappings. I put in the work of researching the s*** out of the bag before I make the purchase, especially at this price point & I have no regrets with this decision! Ladies – think about the cost per wear when deliberating over a purchase like this one. Mine is going to be as low as they go because I have endless outfit choices to team up with this bad boy and hopefully you can come to your own justifications. Or hey, be like Jennifer and just get it BECAUSE YOU WANT IT (she’s a Taurus – apparently that’s her excuse, whatever that means).

For styling purposes – I’m 5’7

If you haven’t already left this post to proudly and without ANY GUILT – proceed to checkout then keep reading.

We know that it’s post Christmas and we’re in the midst of a pandemic so you may not need such a luxe bag just yet. If you’re on the thriftier side – kudos role model – we’ve compiled a small selection of bags that aren’t quite dupes but still get the point across. Let us know if there’s a bag we’ve missed that you’d like to share with the rest of the savvy shoppers and we’ll be happy to update. Check em out…

2 thoughts on “Had to Have It: Saint Laurent Camera Bag

  1. Such an aesthetic, you just made me want this one!! I love how it can dressed up & down! So curious to see how tassels last… because obsessed!! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

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