Gift Guide – V Day Gifts for Yourself

Valentine’s Day is coming up faster than you can gag and roll your eyes at the same time. Kiddinggg. Although you should be spreading all that love and kindness 365 days of the year – ok 265, some of us will fall victim to the rituals & be searching for a gift (we’re talking materialistic in this case). To save you the unnecessary last minute trip to Walmart for discount chocolates we’ve compiled a selection of gifts that we wouldn’t think twice about receiving – whether we bought them for ourselves or not.

In addition to the ever so welcome notion of treating yourself we’ll also be providing you with suggestions for your loved ones – from your besties to your family & anyone in between whose love is for sale – heh, heh. FYI: Anti Valentine’s Day falls on the 13th & 15th

The two of us were in consensus to start off with an assortment of products that you should definitely think about getting for yourself . Jennifer thinks any day is a good excuse to make that purchase you’ve been yearning over & Jasmine likes to treat herself once in a while. Whichever of us you vibe with, that’s your prerogative – just get cozy & check out our selections with YOU in mind:

1. A luxe candle – there’s no scent better than one that transports you to a happy place (we’re talking vacation here) and wraps you in luxury – until you inevitably realize it’s the dead of winter on a Monday evening and reality is that the only time you leave your house these days is to go to the supermarket. Anyways, short lived luxury is more than sufficient. Jennifer is a major stan of Diptyque candles – they’re French crafted with the most opulent, decadent fragrances plus 60+ hours of burn time. Oh, and when you’re done with them the jars double as it girl storage for anything from short cut flowers to makeup brushes.

Diptyque Roses Candle $92 – Who doesn’t like the smell of roses? Especially on V Day? Those who don’t buy into all that brainwashing propaganda you say? Ok, fair. But if anything can change your mind, it’s this candle. Fresh cut roses. That’s all.

Volupsa Limited Ed Cut Glass Jar Candle $30 – A Voluspa candle in more of an aesthetically pleasing jar. The scent contains about 20 different components that we’re not going to name here – try it for yourself. The throw from Voluspa candles is fairly strong with 100+ hours of burn time. Pro Tip: The first time you light your candle, allow it to burn until the wax pool melts all the way to the edge. Wax has “memory,” so if it is extinguished with a partial pool, that will prevent a full, even pool from forming the next time you burn it. You don’t want that.

Le Labo Santal 26 $100 – This baby is up there on that top shelf with Diptyque and Byredo. The perfume content in these is v strong – that’s how Jennifer likes to defend the pricing (eye roll). This specific scent is musky – soft, but leathery. 100% soy wax, vegan, cruelty free, in a heavy glass jar that you can re use to your heart’s content.

Byredo Bibliotheque Candle $85USD – Byredo is originality redefined in bougie packaging. This specific scent embodies a LIBRARY. I mean, who doesn’t love every single fragrance composition experienced when in a library? Transport yourself. You don’t even need to read. Or know how. (That’s a joke. Please God Almighty – we hope you’re blessed with the ability to read). So – peach, plum, vanilla, & patchouli and leather are some of the notes that supposedly transfer you to a library setting – hopefully one where you’re sitting amongst cellulose decay (which is a good thing), not next to someone eating a pungent lunch on the go.

La Montana Colorless Winter Oranges Candle $50 – Inspired by the nature surrounding a hermit syle home in Spain (sounds incredible) this candle is a blend of zesty and sweet. Also contains a concoction of red apple, cinnamon & nutmeg (anyone hungry all of a sudden?) The jar is painted ceramic that again, is way too beautiful to throw out once it’s empty. Pro Tip: Use a pretty candle jar for storing cotton swabs & balls, jewelry, makeup brushes, lip pencils etc

Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom Candle $90 – Another one of candle connesieur Jennifer’s favorites. Strong enough to fill an entire house with it’s fragrance – floral (ish) with cardamom, mimosa & tonka bean. High grade wax with 45+ hours of burn time. It’s the perfect floral for those who don’t like floral scented candles. It’s more so warm & powdery – like a baby’s butt – without the threat of impending poop.

2. Bath Products – Looking for a way to relax that doesn’t require racking up the ol credit card with spa treatments? Draw yourself a bath – just make sure you set the mood, pour some Pinot and tell anyone around to leave you the f*ck alone for an hour (or more). We couldn’t decide on a favorite so here’s some author tested (and loved) picks:

Jo Malone Blush Suede & Peony Bath Oil $90 – Jo Malone offers the most extensive selection of fragrances that make you feel rich, rich. A $90 bath oil will do just that hunny. Just use like, a couple drops at a time – we aren’t that well-off.

Lush Bath Bombs Anywhere from $5 – $10 Ahhh, the base aroma of any mall visit. As many of us are well aware, lush is pungent AF. It may not bode well for those with nasal allergies but for those of us who want the most out of our bath, and that includes smelling realll good afterwards – these suckers are right up one’s alley. Pro Tip: You don’t have to use the entire bomb at once. It’ll hold it’s own for a bunch of future uses.

Ren Clean Skincare Moroccan Bath Oil $60 – Whether you’re as cool as a cucumber or ripping out your hair on the daily – this stress relieving, soothing bath oil will do it for you. Rose & Geranium oil are known for their ability to reduce inflammation, Palmarosa oil hydrates and moisturizes and vegan and free of parabens & synthetic fragrances for those who are sensitive. Oh, and it smells like roses – but not like you’ve been slapped in the face with a bouquet.

Philosophy Pure Grace Combination Shampoo, Bath & Shower Gel $34 – If Jennifer could pick one product, no, one scent for the rest of her life it would be Pure Grace. It’s hard to put this scentual experience into words but if one must try – its soft and baby powdery, soap scented with a fragrance that lasts and makes you feel like an angel straight out of the Heavens. Love affair aside it’s a 3-in-1 that you can use not only as bubble bath but as shampoo & shower gel. HUGE. If you’re looking for a lasting clean feeling – this is it.

3. A Silk Pillowcase – Hear us out – purchasing a silk pillowcase will actually SAVE you money. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is known to have positive benefits for your skin. You already have to wake up early during the week, why wake up early with sleep lines and dry irritated skin? It’s a no-brainer. You’re pretty much letting the pillow do the work of whatever skin care product you would purchase, and if that’s an exaggeration then at least you’re not making your skin worse. Silk fibers are significantly less absorbent than many other materials, so they help keep your skin’s moisture and expensive face and hair products where they belong—on your face and hair, not rubbed off on your linens. They also reduce friction. This is a billion-in-one product. Jennifer takes her Slip case with her when traveling – you won’t be able to sleep without it trust us. And if you’re looking to level up – silk pillowcases also make you feel like you’re on the same level as the queen in Bridgerton – minus the scandal & drama – hopefully.

100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase $29 – A thriftier, but not lacking in quality, choice from Amazon. Hidden zipper, 30 day warranty, and easy to wash.

Silk Pillowcase $59 – Cool to the touch, like most silk pillowcases. Breathable yet insulating – great for all year round usage.

Slip Pink Marble Pure Silk Pillowcase $119 – 100% silk, inside and out. Another excellent choice for if you don’t want to age your face. Seriously. That’s it. Author tested & loved.

4. A Designer Bag – as mentioned in the intro Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse for you to splurge on yourself. Why not treat yourself to a lil designer bag? We’ll definitely be perusing the Ssense sale in hopes that the bag we’ve been eyeing is 89% off. Fingers crossed. Here’s a few choices that have caught our eye.

Chloe Mini Faye Bag $955 (Sale) – Imagine this – you’ve been wanting a new bag for a while & have put in all the YouTube research & hours of deliberating – and then find it on sale. I mean, you were meant to have it – it’s inevitable. This one is a classic & a staple for someone who doesn’t want to buy too much into the trends. Calfskin w/ a curbedI chain and foldover flap. It’s a very significantly sized mini bag – perfect for those weary of small bags.

Prada Re Edition 2005 Nylon Bag $1690 – Oh look, it’s another item we shouldn’t have been so quick to turn away from in year’s past. Nylon, with Saffiano leather trim. Detachable chain, adjustable strap, metal hardware & a cute lil mini nylon pouch that you can remove. It’s bigger than the Re Edition 2005 sans pouch & chain, consequently pricier. This is another staple bag that’s durable and not about to go out of style anytime soon.

Tory Burch Kira Chevron Small Convertible Shoulder Bag $458 – This one caught Jasmine’s eye so we had to share it with ya’ll. Tory Burch is still holding her own these days – the bags are quality & quintessential, and offer a more affordable price point. It looks luxe, styled with that ever popular chevron quilted pattern and comes with a convertible strap. It’s very decently sized for a small bag but there are size alternatives depending on how much of your life you like to carry with you. Tory Burch is a favored designer to go to for excellent bags that don’t break the bank.

Louis Vuitton Alma BB $1860 – $2490 – Speaking of breaking the bank – here’s a prototypical standard. The Alma BB is timeless. It’s big enough to fit whatever you might need on a day outing. Boasts the golden padlock & keys (because we all use those to guard the inner secrets and treasures that we most obviously carry inside our bags). The strap is lonnng and removable which makes it pretty versatile and you can wear it however you feel. Textile lined inner component with either Damier outer material, Epi or Vernis leather.

5. A set of soft, cozy & stylish pyjamas – so far the emphasis has been on feeling like you’re draped in luxury. And why shouldn’t you be? All we’re wearing is pajamas these days so why not get yourself a pair that are durable, stylish, and insanely comfortable? Let’s go ahead and make the most out of lounging around at home. Here’s a few that we came across and various different materials that exude a comfy, cozy vibe that you won’t want to change out of.

The Group by Babaton RETREAT Cardigan $138 and Pants $88 – If you’re looking for a Skims alternative – these are it. Soft and nubby, insanely cozy and if you want to be a bit of a sloth at home, these will make you feel like a completely put together, affluent sloth. Both pieces are long and swingy so they might not be appropriate for those who are a little on the short side.

Nordstrom Lingerie Moonlight Short Pyjamas $63 – Luxe pajamas don’t always equate to long pants and tops. This short set with short sleeved top are perfect for if you run a little hot. Boyish design with contrast piping & a handful of colors and patterns to choose from. Also, Nords has free standard shipping – we have yet to come across someone who doesn’t care about shipping charges & let’s be honest – they tend to make or break the purchase no matter how little, so this is a score.

Indigo Love & Lore Piped PJ Set $59.50 – These are a classic design, Jasmine loves the simplistic, clean look. Light and soft, yet cozy. Drawstring waistband – can we agree that no pajama bottoms should have a restrictive waistband? It’s just obscene, and rude. Blatantly rude.

Eberjey Gisele Slouchy PJ Set $166.85 – A slinky jersey set of supremely comfortable pajamas/loungewear. Eberjey is known for it’s attention to comfort – these are a true testament. Shopbop also has insanely fast shipping – even across borders.

PJ Salvage Love & Dogs PJ Set $128 – PJ Salvage is the cream of the crop when it comes to comfort and cuteness that you want to not only wear at home but take to the streets, or grocery store. Whatever. They offer a variety of materials but the most popular is the rayon sateen blend. Everything is very relaxed and flattering for whatever kind of body type you’re working with.

6. Books and Extravagant Chocolate – feeding our brain is just as important as feeding ourselves treats, and although no one has come up with edible books just yet, having a good selection of books really can’t be beat. We’ve got thrillers, guilty pleasures, and must reads. Click through the selection below for our picks. Each book has been read and cherished – truly. These are picks that have made a difference in our lives, made us laugh when we needed a happy distraction, made us contemplate our existence and many have brought topics to light that have long been pushed to the darkest depths. Each of these are available at Indigo Chapters, Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart, Amazon, wherever they sell good books, you’ll be bound to find them. *Prices not included because you can’t put a price on a good book hunny.

1000+ Little Things – This self help book offers bite sized (read: easy to remember & absorb) words of advice and suggestions on how to live for yourself, be happier, be at peace with whatever might come at you and SO MUCH MORE. Life changing.

American Dirt – You’ll cry. It’s about the plight of a Mexican woman who has to flee the country with her son. No spoilers here. It’s a must read – we can all become more appreciative & conscious of others’ hardships.

The Chicken Sisters – It’s about two dueling restaurants in the small town of Merinac, Kansas and the family history behind them. Plenty of fun, emotional moments and drama.

Fortune & Glory – The 27th installment in the Stephanie Plum series (Jennifer’s favorite series for a lighthearted read). This chick is chock full of antics and hilarious circumstances. Read it if you’re looking for something to lift your spirits a little.

From The Ashes – This incredible book is a memoir by Canadian, Indigenous author, Jesse Thistle. It’s inspiring, and absolutely captivating – it was hard to put down even for a bathroom break. From high school dropout to scholar – it’s a culmination of his life on the streets, overcoming addiction and trauma, and finally becoming the individual he is today. It’s won a multitude of awards & is definitely something you will want in your library for a second, even third read.

Concrete Rose – It’s the prequel to The Hate You Give (a story about Black fatherhood & youth). This is an excellent read for those who are looking to educate themselves on the lives, circumstances and trauma of others, especially in the Black community.

Love Your Life – Oh right, this is a Valentine’s Day post. Ok, who doesn’t love the endearing tales told by Sophie Kinsella? This isn’t part of the Shopaholic series – it’s about a cute, funny, and uber relatable character who needs a vacation from her apparently dull, routine life. Sound familiar? Does she find – shock – love?! Does she get swept off her feet by a storybook prince?! We aren’t telling you sh*t.

No Time Like The Future – MJF’s latest memoir about hope, resilience and fear (among a ton of other sensitive mindsets) and how our perceptions can affect our lives. He’s a funny guy and it comes out in his stories and revelations. It’s going to make you think about your own life – if you’re ready, read it.

Greenlights – Not just another Memoir. It’s Matthew McConaughey’s memoir. More interesting than any of the characters he’s ever played. Jasmine suggests you to get the audiobook – it’s voiced by the one and only. We hate voices in our ears but this is one voice you arguably want.

We don’t have to sell you on getting yourself some decadent, break your diet worthy chocolate. C’mon. We’ve compiled a small selection of the creme de la creme below.

Lindt V Day Chocolates $8-17 – At the top of Jasmine’s most adored list -Lindt is literally the best chocolate out there that doesn’t cost $20 a piece. It LITERALLY melts in your mouth. Now you might say – “guys, any chocolate can melt in your mouth” and we’ll just shake our heads and charitably offer you a Lindt ball and watch while we change your dull, joyless life for the better.

Rocky Mountain 10pc Bomb Box $40 – Rocky Mountain Chocolates is the Great White North’s version of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. But smaller. And with less magic. And without Johnny Depp (RIP Gene Wilder). If you don’t like chocolate bombs (pity) then they have a crap ton of other high quality chocolate you can choose from. And candy apples. Candy apples with the most magnificent toppings that are only second to Disneyland.

Purdy’s Anti Valentine’s Chocolate Gift Set $29 – Another Canadian strict sugar diet staple. Listen, the States have every & any edible creation you can dream of buut they don’t have Purdy’s Chocolates and we pour a little chocolate liquer out for them in condolence. Anyways – this is the optimal gift either for yourself or your girlfriends. It contains the “Not Today Cupid” Chocolate Stash & a 6pc mini favorites set. Amidst this Valentine’s Hogwash (hey, we’re catering to everyone) these are perfect.

Godiva Milk & Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries 6pc $42 – As if anyone ever needed an excuse to get themselves chocolate covered strawberries. Oh, it’s a Tuesday? I’ll take 6 white chocolate please. Put em in the bag. Price point is a liiitle lavish but in chocolate covered strawberries’ defense – so are they.

7. A Fitness/Health Tracking Watch

Fitbit Charge 4 $160 – All the basics plus a built in GPS, heart rate tracking & a comfortable band. Easy to use app and everyone and their dog usually has a Fitbit if they’re workout nuts so you can have fun challenges, because news flash – working out is fun. Eating pizza in your underwear is fun too but with this you won’t regret your life choices the next day.

Samsung Active 2 $320 – Jennifer just got this and is obsessed (honestly what isn’t she obsessed with?) Anyways – it’s everything you want in a smart watch & a fitness tracker. Track your diet goals, your sleep and workouts (tons of detail and workout options for precise tracking). There’s a few different options for strap color if you’re picky and it’s comfortable and complementary to your outfits. The 44mm has a huge screen for you to check your messages, answer and make calls, stay on top of your calendar and do EV-ERY-THING else you want to do. Sorry, no socials. You need a break anyway. Here’s your reminder.

Garmin Forerunner 245 $420 – Another fitness tracker that does pretty much everything but wipe your bum. GPS, pulse ox, compass, smart watch connectivity, safety features & a ton of workout tracking options along with to the T heart rate monitoring. Girrrrl. That heart rate measurement is key. Don’t sleep on it.

Polar Vantage M $389 – Multisport Watch with GPS. Slim, light, tons of stats and data for all your workout nerds. Super precise heart rate monitoring with sensor fusion tech & changeable wristband.

8. A Weighted Blanket – Imagine sleeping like a cocooned baby bear. That’s what a weighted blanket will do for you. They also help with insomnia, reduce anxiety & stress and are proven to beneficial for fibromyalgia pain, ADHD, and restless leg syndrome. Plus, they’re cozy as all heck. Here are some popular choices…

Buy The Endy Weighted Blanket $195 – Endy 15lb hug baby. How can you not? Oh, right. Unless you don’t like hugs, or touching, or like, any outward display of emotion. In that case, keep scrolling.

Bed, Bath & Beyond Faux Fur Weighted Blanket $74.99 – A more financially sound option for if you’re weary about how suffocated you want to feel while you’re sleeping. The faux fur is a nice alternative to the typical polyester materials these come in.

Casper Weighted Blanket $219 – What makes this one stand out from the rest? Apparently really good air flow due to the breathable cotton cover. Also – it’s like an embrace from someone wearing a puffer coat – it has the outwear inspo with quilted channels for even distribution.

Hush Iced 2.0 Weighted Blanket $319 – This is Heaven sent for hot sleepers. We think. More so for those who want some cozy weight but also like to sleep with the window open. That’s more like it. It’s on both our wish lists in case anyone’s feeling generous. Anyways, Hush offers an 100 night trial in case you bust them on their falsehoods (free shipping too). The cover is made from bamboo & is 100% anti-microbial AND the real selling point, c’mon – they have a GiveBack program where 1 in every 10 Iced blankets sold are donated to a person in need.

9. A mani/pedi Getting a manicure or pedicure is considered routine to some of us but for those who aren’t as extra, then consider treating yourself. Don’t blame us if you become addicted and start arranging your priorities differently going forward, that’s on you bb. Hit us up if you need suggestions on where to go.

10. Skivvies – Girl, you know you need new underwear. Don’t check. We don’t want to know. Spare us the details, we’re just here to remind you. Whether you want cotton briefs, thongs, or a**less, here’s your reminder. And since it’s V Day – a day where you should show yourself a little extra love – why not shell out for something a lil nicer? Here are our recommendations…

Floral Lace Lingerie Set $9 – Pardon me? An entire set for $9? Will it last until February 2022? We’re willing to find out.

Cantiq Ruff It Up Ruffle Briefs $42 – High cut with tulle ruffles – fun and versatile.

Calvin Klein Carousel Briefs $46 for a 3 pack – Can’t go wrong with Calvins. Comfortable & if you’re into wearing those pants down low – a little peek a boo action can elevate your look (do it for the ‘gram)

Cosabella Cutie 3 Pack $85 – Italian made, body enhancing material. Cosabella is a fan fav for cute/sexy underwear.

Savage Not Sorry Microfiber Balconette Bra $80 & Strappy Lace Brazilian $33 – Sexy in that non crotchless, rips to shreds, stuck in your a** fashion. Remember, these are for you. Durability that looks hot? Here for it.

11. Blanket Scarf – Blanket scarves are highly recommended during this time of year – not only because they keep you warm (especially when the rest of your getup is minimal) – but for the comfort & style quotient. They’re the best accessory to have when you want to want to hide the fact that you’re leaving the house in last night’s loungewear (not anything like we’ve mentioned, we’re talking about an oversized t shirt from your high school dry grad, stained sweatpants & the like…) & they’re perfect for advancing an otherwise drab outfit. Here are our picks:

Wilfred Blanket Scarf $88 – If you don’t know – where you been? 100% wool, hand fringed, cozy & comes in a billion different colors and designs.

Urban Outfitters Plaid Blanket Scarf $34 (+30% off) – Wool blend, oversized & fringed for a lil somethin somethin that sets it apart from alll the other plaid blanket scarves. The 30% is what gets us here.

Canada Goose Blanket Scarf $295 – Italian made, ultra luxe Merino wool, & water resistant. And only $295. We jest. We had to tack on something a lil bougie for ya’ll.

That’s it ladies (and guys who are browsing for their S.O’s) Let us know if we missed something that should be included in this selection. We’re always open to adding things to our Wishlist. Who isn’t?

Part II of our gift guide will be up soon and it’s all about the guys. Because they want things too.

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  1. Okayy you two have out done yourselves! This list hits it all 😍👏! You literally made me order a silk pillowcase before I even got through the list… love it all 💕

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