Gift Guide – V Day Gifts for Him

1.Beer of the Month Club – Approx $60/month – Maybe not the best choice if he isn’t a big drinker (in which case Amazing Clubs has a horde of other Clubs of the Month you can select from). If he loves his beer – this is a winner. Each month they’ll deliver 12 exclusive (PS5 special edition exclusive or Chanel exclusive?) from different breweries that include 4 different craft beers in each lot. These gift are for him, not you. You’ve given up the need to complain that he’s just sitting there poppin tabs all day.

2.Bluetooth Speaker – This is an ideal gift for anyone. We all listen to music (we’re bold to assume) and who doesn’t like a soundtrack to their daily life? Pro Tip: If he’s a techie, you might want to check first to get his input on what he’s looking for sound and quality wise.

Bose SoundLink Mini II Special Edition Speaker $215.99 – Bose got that big sound, big bass, and big expectations. This one is sleek yet durable, and still has that boyish charm. Seriously, it’s kinda rugged looking in our opinion. 12 hours of play, built in mic, and connectivity for your smart phone.

JBL Clip 3 Portable Waterproof Speaker $89.98 – 10 hours of playtime, waterproof for when he’s acting a fool, integrated clip for attaching to a backpack or whatever annnnd a built in mic of course. It’s lightweight, easy to tote around and pretty discreet. It also comes in like, a billion different colors for those who are extra picky.

Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 Wireless Speaker $179.99 – Compact design, excellent sound quality, waterproof & good shock absorption for inevitable droppage. The battery life isn’t as long as Bose products but it’ll suffice.

3. Slippers – We don’t care how many pairs of slippers we already own – getting cozy slippers as a gift is always welcome. Guys rarely purchase them for themselves (unless he’s a shoe person) so you really can’t go wrong here.

UGG Ascot Slipper $139.99 – The standard when it comes time to shop for a comfortable, durable slipper. These are easy to wear (the slip on’s aren’t always as popular with guys), and they have a rubber sole for both indoor, and outdoor wear. Water resistant suede, Moc toe styling so he can wear socks with them (but let’s be honest, he won’t) & the star of the show – UGGpure wool lining.

LL Bean Wicked Good Moccasins $129 – Premium sheepskin, super cozy & they have a contoured memory foam internal setup for arch support and a more precise fit.

The North Face Thermoball Traction Slipper $75 – Quilted merino wool with a style that allows for both indoor and outdoor wear. Lining is faux fur and they’re super insulated with Primaloft insulation. AND AND AND – they have a collapsible heel for guys who really don’t care enough to put them on properly. Huge.

3. Card Holder/Wallet – Females love their bags – guys love a good wallet. A bold statement, but we’re keen to stand behind it (ok, for the majority of the population). A wallet is timeless if you invest in a durable one. No matter the quality, you’re bound to find one that’s going to prove useful. Our suggestions are a little higher in price but whichever you can find, we guarantee it’ll be appreciated.

Saint Laurent Pebble Grain Leather Card Case $255 – Durable leather for reckless types (girls included), 5 card slots & an ultra sleek design. Get it from Nordstrom and you get that free shipping & gift wrap too.

Tom Ford Leather Bi Fold Wallet $610 – Italian crafted 8 card slots, & a silver money clip. Sleek and slim. Definitely for someone who is the MOST DESERVING GUY TO EVER WALK THIS EARTH.

Diesel Bi Fold Wallet $115 – Pebbled leather for that durability, a ton of card slots, a place for those stacks AND a coin pocket. Can’t go wrong, great quality for a decent price.

4. Joggers – Ok, let’s just get this out of the way. Maybe get him a pair of joggers that aren’t loose enough that they’re sitting around his thighs and tight enough so that we can see his innards. Ain’t nobody want to see anyone’s innards. Our suggestions are a little more unique, but a pair of sweats will suffice as long as you agree to the above terms and conditions.

CLOTTEE by CLOT Track Pants $112 – Somethin a little different from all the Nike & Puma staples. Cotton, printed graphic & an elastic waistband. That’s all.

Rhude Camo Flight Pants $291 – Nylon joggers but with that DRIP. These are limited inventory so move fast if you want em. The Bay has an extra 10% off right now and you’ll definitely want to use that.

Lululemon City Sweat Jogger $128 – Tapered so they give off a bit of a put together sweatpant look and not one that looks like he’s been living in them for 6 days straight. Soft terry material that’s still breathable with a back pocket, drawstring waistband & Lulu’s signature hidden pockets.

5. Cookware – If you have a man in your life that can cook – we envy you. We both fall into the categories of either blended, ready in 5 mins, or we need an entire day to get into the flow of things. In a way you can consider this as a gift for yourself – you’re welcome.

Victoria 85008 Cast Iron Tortilla Press $60 – Hand casted in Columbia (muy authentic). This thing is heavy duty & not only can it press tortillas but tostones, empanadas and more SOOO it kinda doubles as a gift for yourself too (if your man, or brother, or friend) can cook.

Ninja OS101 Air Fryer $220 – A pressure cooker & air fryer in one. He can even make yogurt in this thing. Yogurt. Stainless steel, and an overall bad ass look for the kitchen countertop. This is definitely the gift that keeps on giving.

Our Place Always Pan $145USD – Popular multi usage pan that brags about replacing 8 different cookware pieces. Let him prove it.

6. Funky Socks & Ties – They may have used to throw the socks at their parents when they found them under the tree a time ago, but they’ll thank you now. Whether worn with kicks, slip ons or Oxfords, a unique sock always elevates the outfit. A nice or rare tie will compliment the look similarly.

Stance Beskar Steel Socks $29.50 – The main selling point for these babies isn’t just the crapload of styles these socks come in, but the Infiknit technology that prevents them from ripping, like, ever (hence the name). These Mando socks are bound to be a hit for any Star Wars fan but if he’s not into it then there’s a ton of prints to choose from.

Off White Arrows Mid Length Tube Socks $85 – Stretchy cotton, trendy (obviously) and socks he’ll want to take extra care of – maybe throw in a pair of nail clippers.

Unlined Houndstooth Wool Tie $25 – 100% wool, pretty slick designs and styles if you want to take a browse.

Trendzco Combo Set (Prices range from $50+) – These are amazing if you’re looking to take the guesswork out of picking accessories to keep his more upscale looks dripped out. Each combo comes in various different deviations – 3 to 4 pieces. Sets can contain a tie, a lapel pin, a pocket square AND a pair of socks to compliment the getup (and everything comes in a gift box). It’s foolproof!

7. Last, but definitely not least – gaming consoles & accessories – Listen, you have to be able to entertain yourself if you’re going to take us up on this particular suggestion. You also have to forfeit your desire to complain about being treated like a piece of furniture, your trips to the farmer’s market & watching your favorite show together. If you can handle that – here are our picks:

PS5 – $500 – I mean, they’re out of stock in most places buuuut you could always give him an IOU for a PS5? Or snatch up a controller or media remote in the meantime.

Playstation 5 PULSE 3D wireless Headset $250 – Dual noise cancelling (so don’t get agitated if he can’t hear what you’re going on about while he’s playing), built in rechargeable battery & easy to access controls. 12 hours of wireless bingeing. And hey, he may as well look cool if you got to watch him play Cyberpunk for 12 hours straight.

XBOX Series X $600 – Sooo they’re out of stock almost everywhere – but we didn’t say that we’d find these gifts for you – we said we’d provide suggestions (wink, wink). If you’re willing to put in the legwork (he must be realll special) then we’re sure you can get your hands on it. In the meantime – maybe grab some games and accessories. Or another IOU. That’ll go over well.

Whichever video game he’s into (price ranges) – Amazon has a huge selection, along with Gamestop, Best Buy & EB Games. Buy him a handful but keep in mind, you may never see him again.

That’s it for our suggestions for the guy in your life. Yes, we know it’s a little shorter than Part I which was “Gifts for Yourself”. Do we really need to explain why?

Stay tuned for Part III…

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