Gift Guide – V Day Gifts for Your Bestie

  1. A lip sample set – A lip set is a safe and dependable go-to for someone who you know is into beauty products but you don’t know what they already have, or someone who you’ve just befriended and are on the fast track to become BFFs with. They’re a welcome product for any beauty junkie, especially one who has a hard time making up her mind.

KKW Best of Pinks Lipstick Set -$65 – Kimmy K’s set contains 4 mini lipsticks from the Classic Blossom collection. The big sell here is that, no matter which pink tone works best for you, it’ll likely be in here. We hate having to purchase a full sized lipstick thinking it looks great when we try it on in the store but once we bring it home and apply, we look like extras from The Walking Dead. These also come in a lucite box – great for vanity display.

MAC Bestseller Lipstick Trio $55USD – We can all agree that MAC is the OG. This set contains 3 full sized lipsticks (okayyy), 2 of which are the Powder Kiss formula, and 1 Matte. A Little Tamed, Werk Werk Werk & Marrakesh. All very complimentary shades to most skin tones. Jennifer loves the Powder Kiss formula because it’s light but if you apply it properly (read, not on the go, not a little dab) it lasts and stains the lips for a more natural look. Jasmine loves any and all Matte formulas so this is right up her alley. MAC Matte’s also tend to be comfortable and non drying.

Pat McGrath Labs Mini Guilty Pleasures Lip Trio $33 – A cute little set of mini MatteTrance shades in packaging fit for the ultimate beauty snob. The MatteTrance formula is creamy & bold – so this is definitely a must try for matte lovers. This particular set includes Executive Realness, Elson 2 & Soft Core. *Pro Tip – Prime your lips with a balm/scrub & spoolie brush to create a nice, smooth canvas to work with.

2. Self Care Products – Self care has turned into quite the “trend” in the last couple of years but we’ve been treatin’ ourselves right for as long as we can remember. In case you need to remind your bestie to exit the hamster wheel and chill for a bit – these products will help push them in the right direction.

Isle of Paradise Own Your Own Glow Kit $43 – Just because we can’t really make the most of our vacation days this year doesn’t mean we have to sit at home looking like Casper the Not So Friendly Ghost. This set includes the ever popular medium tanning drops (great for lots of different skin tones in need of some color), self tanning water & a mitt. You’re going to want that mitt. Vegan & cruelty free – main ingredients are coconut, chia seed & avocado oils. A Clean @ Sephora brand.

Aveda Winter Self Care Set $55 – We don’t want our friends to be ashy & flakey (literally & figuratively) and neither do you. This 5 piece set includes a full size Stress Fix body lotion, travel size Hand Relief moisturizer, travel size Foot Relief foot cream, and a couple of hair mask samples. Aveda products are cruelty free & come in sustainable packaging because Mother Earth needs some love too.

Peter Thomas Roth Made to Mask Kit $77 – This 4 piece set is the perfect size for someone who loves a good face mask and access to a plentiful variety. It includes 4 50ml face masks – Pumpkin Enzyme Mask Enzymatic Dermal Resurface, Irish Moor Mud Purifying Black Mask,  Cucumber Gel Mask Extreme De-Tox Hydrator & 24K Gold Mask Pure Luxury Lift & Firm. Jasmine is a huge fan of PTR – excellent for those with sensitive skin. Those with normal, combination & oily skin will also find these beneficial – core advantages are exfoliation, purification, soothing, and firming the look and feel of your skin. We’re rarely wearing makeup these days so this set is a God send in treating your bare skin.

Lush Relax More Gift Set $135 – Now, if your BFF didn’t love you before, that B will after you present her with this. Who doesn’t like getting a gift set from Lush? They smell amazing (a little heady sometimes, but still amazing) & they contain an abundance of products that will inevitably get used. This is the ultimate culmination of self care products for the face and body. 4 bath bombs, 2 body lotions, 4 bubble bars, 1 bath melt, a shower gel in the most relaxing scent ever, a bar of soap AND one of the ever popular massage bars.

3. A plush throw/blanket – Just like slippers, a cushy blanket is always a desirable gift. Whether it’s a full sized one for their bed or a throw to toss over the couch, it always comes in handy. You can get them personalized at some retailers as well, so they know you definitely had them in mind.

LL Bean Heated Throw $175 – Wrap them in the gift that lasts forever & reminds them of just how much you care about their comfort. Plush and cushy, this particular one is made with PrimaLush (an insanely soft top layer) and with Velvetloft as a bottom layer to assist with the best flow of heat. The temperature is uniform, it’s not bulky and stiff and comes with 5 heat settings and an auto off because, let’s be honest, you’ll be encompassed in such comfort that you’ll fall asleep within minutes.

Bedsure Throw Blanket $21.99 – An Amazon bestseller – this blanket is big enough to sleep with and small enough to use as a throw for when you’re just lounging around the house. (50″ y 60″) It comes in about 30 different colors so you’ll find just what you’re looking for if they’re on the picky side. It’s ultra soft microfiber so if you’re looking for supreme snugness – we got you.

Oui Jacquard Throw Blanket $59.50 – A monochrome reversible throw for even the most fastidious friend. 50″ x 60″, woven in jacquard with a cotton, polyester blend. It’s a modern piece that looks luxe on the back of a couch or easy chair and can be taken into the bedroom for a little extra warmth at night.

4. Clothes – Clothes are always a minefield when it comes to gifting them – especially when you don’t know the person well enough. We’d hope you know your pal’s tastes when it comes to clothing, heck, we know things about each other’s bodies that we’d be rather content NOT knowing so it’s safe to say that clothes are an appropriate gift. Here are some items that we love…

TNA COZYAF Perfect Hi Rise Sweatshort $40 – Part of Aritzia’s 24735 part fleece sweatsuit collection – these have been selling out since they debuted for obvious reasons. They’re actually COZY AF. Hi Rise – because who wants to lounge in low rise bum crack revealing pieces? They come in a handful of different colors AND they’ll go with ALLL your t shirts, hoodies & zip ups that you’ve collected this past year. Stats: 330 gsm fleece, premium Garment Dye with a fit that’s true to size.

Lululemon Align Pant 25″ $98 – A yoga master’s Holy Grail legging, we mean every legging wearer’s Holy Grail. These “yoga pants” are crazy soft, light and airy, and they can be paired with pretty much ANYTHING. Just like all the other yoga pants. Drop us a comment and let us know if you actually use these for yoga. Anyways, they come in a billion different colors and combinations (new ones are always being added). They’ll make any friend happy – whether they’re a workout buff or someone who considers walking to the kitchen as exercise.

Roller Rabit Hathi Sleep Set $118 – This cute little sleep set is an online exclusive but aren’t we all online shopping RN? Based on an Indian fable, this capsule collection features artesian methods of dying fabric annnd each garment is hand made. That’s special. The top is a Henley style long sleeve with pull on bottoms. Perfect for the friend who loves themselves some storied sleepwear.

Outside Is The World Hand Knit Sweater No better gift of clothing than one that has some substance behind it. This piece is hand knit by the uber talented Lena Joy Whittle. She’s insanely hardworking and can bust these out while our lazy asses are asleep. Every stitch and every detail is carefully and mindfully constructed – and the color blocked pieces she comes up with are not only unique, but also charming. This chunky balloon sleeved cardigan is one of our favorite pieces – perfect for standing out in a sea of Super Puffs. Hit her up @_lenajoy on IG or check out her shop @outsideistheworld for pricing inquiries and how to order one of these made to order pieces for yourself and your bff. Let’s support small businesses bb’s.

5. Something for their place – Gifting an item for the home isn’t just for housewarming. Good decor lifts the mood and helps to create an ambience you want to enjoy at all times. We’ve spent more than our share at home this past year (extroverts – hang in here, you’re going to make it), so why not invest in something that helps to create an appealing atmosphere? A gift for the home also gives you a lot of variety to choose from in case you find it hard spotting that perfect gift.

Anthropologie Matte Latte Serving Bowl $24 – These bowls are ideal for, well, pretty much anything you’re going to be eating out of a bowl. Jennifer’s favorite – cereal is a staple and it’s so much more tasteful in a bowl such as this. They come in a ton of different colors and finishes so they can compliment any current set of dishware.

Ginger June Candle Co Jar Candle $17 – Hand poured, minimalist and cheeky. The “You’re My Person” one is love in candle form. Scent is coconut vanilla – we have yet to do a sniff test but who doesn’t love coconut and vanilla together?

Wander Puzzle Co Three For Tea Puzzle $36 – Puzzles are becoming a fad since most of us are sitting at home and trying to busy our minds (aside from Jennifer who likes to think she’s the one of the Founding Fathers of jigsaw puzzles). They provide hours of fun, require a significant amount of brain aptitude and they’re an entertaining activity for a get together. If you aren’t feeling this particular “scene” there’s an assortment of others by the same manufacturer. Disclaimer – once you start you might not bother leaving the house for a week straight. Not a bad addiction, we think.

Spun Metal Tabletop Planters $45-60 – Any plant aficionado will appreciate you showing their planet babies (is that a thing?) some love. These spun metal rounded pots with elegant stands will elevate any room and compliment all kinds of decor schemes so there’s no need to worry whether they’ll be pushed into a corner or a shelf in their garage instead of displayed with pride (as they damn well should be).

6. Something Personalized – A gift that’s personalized will almost always be a hit because, even if it’s not quite something they wanted, they’ll appreciate the effort and thought that went into it. It’s faultless.

Block Letter Monogram Necklace $38USD – Tis the perfect time for something a little more intimate, especially when you’ve been in a solid friendship for decades. Gifts are a way to demonstrate kindness in material form – why not really seal the deal with something a little more personal and honed in for your Day One? These necklaces are big enough to be visible as a key outfit component however they’re styled, but also dainty and feminine. Gold is our choice of color because it’s such a low key elegant look.

Gifted In Style Balloon Pop $30-60 – A fun, unique way to present your gift (s) to someone. We’re talking outside the box here. A beautifully wrapped gift always makes a undeniable difference to the gift inside – no matter what it is. These balloons are 18″ which is plenty of space for whatever you plan on bestowing. From anything to wine, and chocolates to, well, many of the gifts mentioned here – anything goes. Let us know if you’re interested and we’ll set you up with the contact info. Better yet – @giftedinstyle on IG

tag Reactive Speckle Monogram Travel Mug $28 – Everyone needs a good travel mug – whether they have somewhere to go or not. This stoneware, speckled travel mug can be monogrammed with their initial or, favorite letter? The angled top adds a lil flair to the look and overall style.

7. Health & Wellness Products – Hey, it’s the beginning of a new year – one of the most popular times for people to create new health & fitness goals for themselves (whether they’re planning on following through or not). If your bestie is into fitness or bettering themselves then you’re lucky there’s a crap ton of products within the wellness world that you can bestow on them.

Bala Bangles Resistance Weights (1lb) $65 – Adding a little bit of weight to a workout never hurt nobody (unless you’re clumsy and uncoordinated). These bands are the revamping of those ankle weights from the 80’s – shoutout to Jane Fonda. You can use them for pretty much any kind of workout you’re doing – pilates, walking, aerobics, weight training, whatever. They come as a set of 2 and are made of recycled steel wrapped in silicone and lined with velcro for ease of use and a comfortable wear. The ideal gift for the workout fiend in your life.

Saje Period PMS Relief Roller $20 – Saje is one of the best places to go to to help relive health issues in a more natural way. They have an oil for pretty much everything that ails. It’s not a bunch of hogwash – their concoctions actually have a significant effect if you use them routinely. This specific blend helps relieve the dreaded PMS symptoms almost all females have to endure. Blended with geranium, roman chamomile, and lavender – apply it to your lower back, stomach, and mix it in with that morphine drip too (wait, we don’t all need one?)

RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat BMI Scale $45.99 – Hear us out – this isn’t an insult – it’s a display of total care. Keep in mind, this kind of gift is best suited for the friend whose into tracking their workouts, their steps and their overall health stats, not someone whose just starting out on a workout or diet program for the first time in their lives. This scale syncs up with your smartphone and your fitness app of choice. It displays your weight, BUT the important health stats like BMI, and fat & muscle percentages are downloaded to your app. It’s a steal in the short run and will definitely help guide the user towards whatever fitness and/or health goals they may have set.

8. Treats – Valentine’s Day is like Halloween #2 when it comes to the candy industry. You can’t go wrong with showering someone in chocolate covered admiration. If they don’t like chocolate (pity), there’s candy. If they don’t like candy (we need to meet you), there’s baked goods. A box of desserts might add a couple lbs onto their hips but it’ll also add a smile to their face. We know from experience.

BETA5 Cream Puffs 6 for $30 – These are legit. Award winning. They’ve won a special place on our Top Desserts List for sure. The cream puffs are TO DIE FOR. They’re filled with a variety of creams, curds, mousses and custards and are decadent AF. Their menu is rotating and they sell out quickly so your best bet would be to call early in the day and secure a box.

Purdy’s Anti Valentine’s Chocolate Gift Set $29 – We mentioned these in our V Day Gift Guide for Yourself and they’re getting a second mention because, c’mon, not everyone is keen on this day. Heck, some of us want to forget about its existence altogether and there’s no better way to celebrate it than with good chocolate, turning off your phone and setting Netflix to continue playing without prompt.

Candy Funhouse Build Your Own Treat Gift Box – Price Varies – There’s not a soul on God’s lush green Earth that would turn away a personalized gift box filled with their favorite chocolate and candy (unless they’re deathly allergic that is). This online shop let’s you pick and choose from a colossal selection of chocolates and candy so that you can fashion your own individualized set. They even have filters that you can sort with via era. WHAT. Throw em into one of those balloon pops and fill ‘er up. We both aren’t picky when it comes to chocolate so…if anyone’s feeling particularly generous, we appreciate you.

9. A trip to the spa or a mani/pedi – Look at that. A gift for you AND your BFF. Nothing beats spending some quality time together and there’s no better atmosphere in which to do it in than a spa setting, or by sitting in a massage chair. Some of our suggestions (we had to narrow it down to the Vancouver area). A quick Google search will provide you with spas in and around your home base).

Barefoot Oasis Foot Massage & Spa Foot Massage $62 for 60 minutes

The Spa At The Wedgewood Hotel Healing Hot Stone Massage $220 for 90 mins

Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Pacific Rim Energy Boost Facial $189

Luxe Beauty Lounge Diamond & Gold Mani/Pedi $120 for combo

That’s it for our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide series. To be honest, we’re relieved it’s over – our credit cards couldn’t handle it. We hope you were able to glean some valuable information and assistance in giving a gift that has zero likelihood of being re-gifted. We had fun compiling the lists of endless products for you, and making a couple purchases for ourselves along the way. Let us know if you ended up obtaining gits from our guides – we love influencing a good procurement.


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