What’s In Our Bags

Who doesn’t love getting a glimpse into someone’s bag? Or medicine cabinet? Or kitchen cupboards? We know we aren’t alone, don’t even try to deny it. We’re talking voyeuristic, but fun. We have a thing for sharing our favorite products with others so why not really go wild and empty out our purses for all to see? We didn’t even clean them out beforehand – we swear. Read on.


Gucci dionysus supreme mini bag

This is my go-to bag for when I want to take a little more than just the essentials with me. Yeah, yeah Jasmine will pick on me for packing the contents of a suitcase into my mini bags BUT who has hand lotion, a pack of gum, a hairbrush, bobby pins AND a mirror for when you need it? ME. I consider this bag to be medium sized (in the realm of smaller & mini bags) and it fits just about everything you could possibly need for a day outing – unless you’re one of those people who put your massive phone in your bag and don’t carry it in your hand like me. You might have to forgo a couple of other items in that case but you should still be able to stuff in what you need.

I pulled the following items out of this bad boy – (disclaimer: this is as is, nothing was added or removed, it’s as gritty as it gets – I am wholeheartedly humbled that I haven’t been taking care of the suede AT ALL & now that I’ve publicly shamed myself a major cleaning has been scheduled).

Sephora Brush/Compact – A brush/mirror combo is so handy – love a good 2 in 1 product. Jasmine doesn’t carry a hair brush & that makes me so uneasy. I probably won’t use it but what if? You have to be ready for that what if.

Pack of Gum – I always carry gum with me -(or at least try to). You know how we all think we smell like roses and butterflies (do butterflies smell?) well that pompous assumption has crumbled faster than our egos because we don’t. You wearing a mask these days? You know what I’m talking about. So there’s the pack of gum.

Car Keys – I have keyless entry so I really never see my key but I still need it on me, obviously.

Mini perfume samples – I like carrying these with me because (see Gum explanation) I like to smell good for no particular reason other than, I like to smell good. I order online plenty from Sephora so these samples are always at the ready.

Mini Lysol spray – For obvious germaphobe reasons

Card Holder – I love this wee gem. A Christmas present from my sister years ago & it’s still in tip top shape. It has the perfect amount of slots & I’ve had it for a while and has yet to show any significant signs of wear and tear – it’s a true testament to the pebbled Caviar style leather on many Saint Laurent bags and small accessories. I also made Jasmine feel less than so she ended up purchasing one at my behest (I’m sure she’ll point out that I make her spend money but – she’s welcome).

Pill Case – The only thing I remember from my childhood is not having some kind of chronic pain (ok I have many cherished memories but this resonates right?) I like to keep the part time solutions to my ailments close at hand.

Hair Accessories – I don’t think I’ve ever actually needed one of the few rubber bands I carry with me but preparation is everything.

Hand Sanitizer – Well, duh. (And I know you’re judging the BBW mini – but after using everything else under the sun and feeling like I was rubbing on Eau De Alcohol, I opted to get a few of these little guys because they smell a thousand times better and still do the job).

Bandaids – I don’t know if I got it from my mom (whose super prepared & perpetually ready for a catastrophic accident) but I always carry Bandaids with me. Am I going to cut my leg open? Am I going to get a paper cut while driving? Only time can tell, but guess who’ll have their bases covered?

Hand Lotion – I always require lotion after washing my hands & my cuticles become dry sometimes so I can’t leave the house without a hand cream. No way, no how.

Feminine Care – A no-brainer. I keep these handy in every single bag I own because that’s the one thing I don’t want to be searching for to no avail. This so obviously stemmed from an unfortunate past situation so I don’t play around anymore.

Lipstick – Does anyone else’s lips get dry if they aren’t wearing some kind of lip product? I just carry lipstick instead of gloss or balm because it’ll have the same effect for me upon application. This is my all time favorite matte lipstick from Urban Decay – its the most moisturizing matte I’ve ever worn, hence the name – comfort matte. It’s a shade that goes with everything so it’s a constant companion.

Palazzo Key Card – I found a key card from our last trip to Vegas last February. Did my lower lip start trembling? Yes.

Random Mentions – My bag has a slot pocket at the front which is really handy for change, receipts etc and things that are slim enough to fit. Upon peeking I found a bunch of US change (and shed a tear or two) and $5. I had spent $250 the day of so finding $5 appeased the guilt.



What’s in my bag? I know this has been done a million times but a woman’s bag is really a place of endless wonder and possibilities no? My bags tend to be tiny so only the favorites make the cut, along with the essentials that are forced upon me.

My Essentials

Purel Hand Sanitizer – It is the perfect size and the smell of alcohol is not overwhelming. Winner all around IMO

Medical Grade Mask – Very tired of this guy but looks like we’ll be hanging out for some time still.

Acuvue Oasys Dailies – I’m much too ashamed to talk about what my prescription is, let’s just say without these guys I need someone to hold my hand and lead the way! So comfy and always need a backup just in case!

My Must Haves:

YSL Card Holder – This beauty was a splurge purchase that was strongly encouraged by Jennifer over a copious amount of wine.

Excel Mints – To be honest the Excel mints have been removed and replaced by my favorite Ice Breakers, but this container is teeny tiny and takes no space at all.

Gucci Bloom sample size – Gotta be fresh.

Pat McGrath Lipstick in Christy – Ultimate fav, this color is everything!

Makeup Forever Aqua Lip No.3 – Can’t be without it, constant rebuy.

Carmex Classic Lip Balm – I am such a junkie for this chapstick, I have one in every bag and travel bag. Always the tube never the stick though!

Too Faced Pillow Talk – Feels so luxe and keeps my lips feeling so smooth. Clearly I can’t get enough of the lip products.

Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Powder SPF 20 – Keeps this face looking snatched and those sun spots away.

Glysomed Hand Cream – New addition to the fam, those hand sanitizers really age these hands – so much needed.

That’s it for what’s in our bags – next up – bathroom cabinets! Kidding. Or should we…nope, kidding.

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