How To Make…Vanilla Cupcakes

I’ve always found it a little comical that people are obsessed with these cupcakes. I’ve been baking them for almost a decade now & it’s safe to say I can pop these suckers out with my eyes closed. I mean, I won’t, but I’d like to think I can. I’ve had countless requests for the recipe (for the cupcakes + the frosting) and finally decided to reveal my secret to getting the most DELICIOUS, ADDICTIVE and EASY TO MAKE vanilla cupcakes. Hopefully I no longer have to churn these out every Halloween, Hanukkah, Christmas, Birthday & random Tuesday now that I’ve provided ya’ll with the basics. Don’t get me wrong – I love to put a smile on my friends’ and families faces (and a couple extra lbs on their hips – sorry) but sometimes it becomes endless. I can’t wait for everyone to learn that they can just as easily attempt them on their own & start making them for ME! Read on…

By now you should be salivating all over your phone screen – I too had a sudden hankering for something sweet, so no judgement here. I use the Betty Crocker mix when I’m rushed otherwise I’ll make them from scratch (let me know if you’re interested in that recipe – it’s not as quick obvs but it tastes sooo good and is a really good option for when you’re feeling like you’re a contestant on Chopped Kids. (I said what I said). I can also share my go-to for amazing eggless cupcakes & cakes that don’t taste like sawdust). Oh – and the confetti sprinkles I used are from Wilton and can be found pretty much anywhere – I get a lot of my baking supplies from Michaels because they have great weekly discounts. If you like easy as heck recipes like this one I have many ready and waiting in the corners of my mind, cobwebs and all. I’ll dust ’em off and be more than happy to share. Thanks for reading, now go make something to eat.


*I’ll be posting a reel on IG that includes icing tips! Check it out when you can.

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