Beauty Review – Was It Worth It?

Hype Research

We reviewed a handful of products currently causing hoopla to see if they lived up to our expectations (and yours) –

Guys. Ya’ll. Everyone. Ladies. Babes. We know you’ve heard of or seen these LIFE CHANGING, MUST HAVE products at some point during your social media/random Netflix scroll time. Or you’ve thought about purchasing & all of a sudden you’re getting emails and ads infiltrating your life – they’re always listening. Don’t know who “they” is, but they’re listening. *Side note – can “they” go ahead and pay for whatever it is we’re wanting as well?

Anyways, the Earth is round – relax. We’re fine, just got a little distracted.

So, we chose a couple of popular/ raved about beauty products and thought it would be helpful to our readers if we tested them out to see what all the commotion is about. These are obviously our own opinions and we came to these conclusions after trying them out on ourselves. If you completely disagree with our results – let’s take it outside – kidding – we’re just happy you’ve had a chance to asses them for yourselves. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze

– jennifer

Anastasia Beverly Hills is pretty much the standard for brow products. Let’s be honest. She is a BROW WIZ (& that’s also the name of one of her products, legit.) When Brow Freeze made it’s debut (along with a crap ton of hype) we were curious to see whether it would be a product that would fall onto the top shelf along with the rest of her lineup.

What is it? It’s a brow wax. It’s meant to tame hairs into place while shaping them any which way you want. Those with hairier brows (lucky) may need something to keep them in place and those with a little less hair may want something to style into a certain look that produces a bushier look. I fall into both.

I’ve had microblading done in the past 6 months and I LOVE the final result. I needed a little something extra for a fuller look & that was achieved, but the thing about microblading is that it fades in some spots more than others and doesn’t look as precise as it does right after the procedure. I’m happy with my brows but I like a bushier look so I figured Brow Freeze would be right up my alley.

Yuuuuup. I love it. It has really good hold if you want a laminated look (brow lamination relaxes your hairs & creates a lifted, more vertical look). I like the head of my brows to be bushier with a more refined tail & this “wax” does just that. It’s really easy to apply, mess free and if you apply enough it’ll last allll day.

The only – let’s call it a flaw – is that you need a spoolie brush to apply it. Obviously. Now you can be a thrifty genius and grab some at the dollar store or you can be an idiot like me and buy the Anastasia 5B brush. Ok, not completely idiotic if you already had it (which most of us who do our brows do). I assumed a mini spoolie wand would be included buuut I was wrong. An extra cost to you on top of $30 CDN but, tis the woes of beauty fanatics right?

Now, I can’t compare this product with any other type of brow wax because I haven’t tried anything else. I remember when I used to spray hairspray onto a spoolie 10+ years ago and I felt then that I was discovering the secrets to eternal happiness. It actually worked fine for me but a little goes a long way Jennifer, is that so hard to remember? For someone who has used the hairspray trick, that might be your go-to and that’s just fine if it works girl. Save that money. Buuut for those who don’t want to put hairspray in their brows (current Jennifer), then this stuff is fantastic.

I have no complaints here. Ok, one. Kinda. It could just be my application style (and I really do think I use it sparingly) but I have noticed a little bit of white in the brows from product buildup. I’m out here trying to be super natural, I really don’t want any white residue making an appearance. Maybe it’s because I apply it directly and don’t follow the rules outlined on the package (rub the product into the brush on the back of the lid). I’ll try it that way and hit you with an update but currently it’s so minimal that you barely can notice it.

Overall, worth the hype boo. My brows love to follow their natural curve & I want them to stand up at attention. I was able to style them the way I wanted and that’s the outcome I was looking for with this product. Anastasia BH with the hit, again. DUH.

Get it HERE (It’s currently SOLD OUT at Sephora online so the link is for the Anastasia BH Site which is $1 more but worth ittt)

Patrick Starr ONE/SIZE Point Made 24-Hour Liquid Eyeliner Pen


I still remember the hype that used to surround the release of any makeup and skincare product that was released by any influencer. I was one of those girls who took a quick nap to be up at midnight so I could get my grubby little hands on the latest. The hype was real! I’m not sure if this is still a thing or if I’ve just outgrown buying every little thing that crosses my path. Now with that being said, Patrick Starrr did collaborate with Mac Cosmetics a few years back and I was a fan. Though it did pique my interest seeing the ONE/SIZE by Patrick Starrr line all over social media, I just could not justify another makeup purchase. It took a friend gifting the ONE/SIZE Point Made 24-Hour Liquid Eyeliner pen to me for this trial to even happen, thanks BB! I’ve been extremely loyal to my HG, the KVD Tattoo Eyeliner for years. Ride or die. It took a gift to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. So, was it worth the hype? Could it replace my beloved liner? YES.

This liner comes in only one color and that is Bodacious Black. As Jennifer can attest to, I like my liner BLACK. This is perhaps one of the darkest, most pigmented blacks that I have come across. Sephora describes it as:
A true matte, 24-hour, waterproof liquid eyeliner that glides on like a dream to create precise lines that won’t fade, flake, bleed, or smudge.

Yes, yes and yes! This lasted all day. I have itchy eyelids and will catch myself rubbing my eyes and this survived that. IMO it’s not a true matte. There is a bit of shine to it, which personally I’ve found with most liquid eyeliners. It dries down beautifully and did not bleed or flake for me. Flaking is one thing that is a big no for me. I love the tip on this, it is so fine and precise. I most definitely am not a makeup pro – no tutorials from this girl! I struggle with winged liner but I have to have it, Glam is my jam, it does not matter if it takes all day. This liner makes it a breeze to get that precise line. It is just so easy to use and saves me time. I have tried out A LOT of liners so it takes something special to match up to the hype for me, this is special.
I am more than happy to add this to my makeup arsenal so yes to the hype over here!

Get it HERE

4 thoughts on “Beauty Review – Was It Worth It?

  1. Okay all I can say is I couldn’t figure out what I was obsessed with about your look the other day… uhhh it was the brows duh such a win 🤌🏽💕

    Also, KVD is my life and now tempted to give Sir Patrick star a chance 💋

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