Had To Have It…Prada 2000 Re-Edition Nylon Mini Bag

So – let me start off by saying – I really didn’t need this bag. I don’t need any bag. Do we really NEED anything other than shelter, rations and clothing though? NO. We don’t. But that’s not really the case is it? Material goods are just that – material. And sometimes the Material Girl in me takes over. Yes, I just referenced a Madonna song from the 80’s, when else was I going to get the chance?

I purchased this lil baby back in January from Prada online. It was a little under $1100 CDN and since I hadn’t bought a luxe designer bag in a minute (Minute here = 2 years) I felt like it was appropriate. It’s a little pricey for a nylon bag but it’s PRADAAA AND it’s functional. I live in the PNW – it rains. Nylon holds up nicely when wet. Sure-fire right?


Zipper closure / Enameled metal triangle logo / Woven Handle / Prada logo nylon lining / Saffiano leather trim /

17cm height / 6cm length / 22cm width

I was pleasantly surprised with how much this bag holds. Seriously. You can check out our What’s In Our Bags post to take a peek at how much I tend to carry with me on the regular and it’s WAY MORE than the essentials. Take a look –

Even “stuffed” this baby holds it’s shape nicely. I love that the fabric isn’t going to stretch or disfigure depending on what’s inside. It’s great peace of mind especially when you’re spending that kinda money. I did end up getting some kind of stain on it (on the outside) and soap & water did the trick. It’s nice to not have to worry about discoloring the fabric or ruining the look by cleaning it – nylon holds up beautifully when daily life has it’s way with it. Maybe that’s why kid’s backpacks are nylon. Think of this as an $1100 backpack. COOOOL. Oh God, $1100 can buy a LOT of backpacks. It’s ok. Breathe. It’s PRADAAA.

If you’re a lover of a top handle & a mini bag – honestly this is perfect. It does fit around my shoulder, in the underarm area perfectly. I rarely wear it that way unless I want it out of the way so it’s a nice option to have. I usually just carry it on my arm or by the handle and because of it’s lightweight size it doesn’t give me welts like some of my other bags do. I also find shoulder bags or bags with long straps a little annoying especially if the chain or strap has the tendency to slide. I’ve always been a fan of a top handle so that was one of my deciding factors for this particular purchase.

Ya’ll interested in the PROS and CONS? Jasmine and I always keep it 100 with you & this review isn’t going to be any different. –


Trendy AF (duh)

  • Holds all the essentials and more (phone, card holder, hairbrush, hand lotion, gum, mints, car keys, phone, lipstick, perfume whatever, whatever).
  • Nylon deflects the elements nicely
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to wear and style
  • It comes in a bunch of different colors
  • It’s a re-edition for a reason, not just because Bella Hadid wore it – it’s a classic so it’ll be on rotation for years to come


  • Pricey for nylon
  • No strap (you’d have to purchase the shoulder bag for another $600 ish if you want a strap)

It’s quite apparent that the PROS outweighed the CONS here. I sincerely have nothing negative to say about this lil ditty other than complain about the price tag but if you want designer – you gotta be willing to pay the price. There are most definitely dupes or similar bags out there for more wallet friendly prices and if you don’t care about the designer, then praise be! I just like treating myself to a luxe bag every couple years just because I like how they make me feel and I consider them a type of investment. Do whatever makes you happy – that’s what matters at the end of the day.

Nothing else to say or review folks. I’m really happy with it – I would have regretted not purchasing (because the only regrets I have are the purchases I didn’t make, wink wink). I’m also patting myself on the back for taking functionality into consideration here. Okay, okay JASMINE was the one who pointed out that nylon in Raincouver is ideal, so I can’t take all the credit. Overall, I’m v satisfied with the purchase. Money well spent I say – I wear it all the time. Whether it’s a night out (which is rare) or a trip to the grocery store (much more likely) it’s easy to grab and get going with and it pairs well with EVERYTHING.

Let either of us know if you have any questions that weren’t answered in the review. Jasmine researches most of my purchases (bless her soul) so she knows all the details – probably by heart. I’m here to throw in an extra 2 cents as well.

You can get it HERE if I’ve managed to nudge you in the right direction.

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