Have To Have The Clothes – Spring Fashion


Cherry blossoms, peaceful night air, sundresses, tulips everywhere.

Spring is finally here – in most parts of North America at least. We wanted to showcase some of our go-to Spring looks that are easy as heck to pull together and not too bad on the wallet either. We’ve compiled some of our go-to outfits & picked out some items that aren’t trendy enough to only be worn and torn but aren’t boring enough to be shoved to the back of your closet. These are pieces that can be mixed & matched to your heart’s content…

Read on for our favorite looks.

*All items are shoppable – just click the item name in the descriptions

Jasmine’s Go To Looks


Spring is that season that just screams flowers, and in my case pollen and a stuffy nose. There is just nothing that will ever replace a cute, short floral dress for me. It’s practically criminal to not have a floral piece in your spring wardrobe. I could wear these year round but with Vancouver weather I get a measly 2 months out of the year and I maximize that time! This is such an easy and versatile look. There are so many ways to style this, from casual to dressy to edgy. For a casual look I love to pair a short dress with sneakers, especially bright white. It’s just such a clean and comfy look. If you want to add some edge to a girly dress, I would suggest Doc Martens! To dress it up I’ll go with heels for the evening and flat sandals for day. A jean jacket is always my jacket of choice with any floral dress.

Shein Surplice Neck Floral Dress – $24 (budget option)

Sunday Best Ruffle Wrap Dress – $110 (bougie option)

AE Boyfriend Denim Jacket – $84.90

Nike Air Force 1 – $120

Steve Madden Travel Tan Sandals – $105 (budget option)

Valentino Garavani Rockstud PVC Sandals – $600 (bougie option)

Doc Martens Jadon Patent Leather Platform Boots – $240.00

H I G H W A I S T E D / P A L A Z Z O P A N T S

Now I don’t know about you guys, but I’m obsessed with these pants. They are wearable year round but they are strictly a spring and summer staple for me. I’m just being way too extra but I only like wearing them with sandals. To each their own right?! Anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that I can NOT wear anything that is not high waisted. I don’t know when this became such a hard rule for me, but if it doesn’t cover my belly it ain’t happening. I also adore the look of a crop top with a high waist, just the perfect amount of skin show for this girl. Bodysuits are another great option, especially if you want to keep it covered up! As previously mentioned, I only wear sandals when styling these pants. Is it time for me to step out of my comfort zone? Is it time to embrace to the wide leg/dad runners fit? May have missed the boat on that!

Zara Wide Leg Pants – $35.90

Wilfred Bay Tank – $35

Urban Planet V-Neck Ruched Front Cropped T-Shirt – $11.99 – $19.99 (budget option)

Aldo Velalith Sandals – $85


This is the year of the tennis skirt! A new favorite for me! 95% of the time I do not dress up at all, even throwing on tights seems like dressing up these days. Tennis skirts are so cute and perfect for the majority of the time, with ZERO effort. When I want to look like I didn’t just roll out of bed I’ll pair them with a fitted or cropped sweatshirt. For the warmer days a crop top will be perfection.

TNA Tennis Skirt – $68

Shein Zip Side Pleated Tennis Skirt – $16 (budget option)

TNA Airy Fleece Bra Top – $35

TNA Base Crew Sock 3-Pack – $18


One of my most worn items is a good jumpsuit. It can’t have too many zippers or buttons, otherwise I won’t wear it. I only put one of these on when I go out and going to the bathroom is not easy when it takes 5 minutes to pull that sucker down. I’m also very aware of that bathroom door gap when I wear one of these! Am I the only one who thinks about this? I mean I could go on and on about this but lets get back to the jumpsuit. A nice simple cotton jumpsuit is all I need for most days, it’s just so easy to throw on with sneakers and slides. A dressier jumpsuit, something with stripes or floral patterns is just gorgeous with a heel and perfect for everything from bar hopping to date night.

Club Monaco Baby Terry Jumpsuit – $139

Joe Fresh Fleece Jumpsuit – $39 (budget option)

Zara Belted Wrap Jumpsuit – $79.90

Shein Allover Plants Print Self Belted Cami Jumpsuit – $20 (budget option)

Jennifer’s Go To Looks


A soft, vintage-y graphic tee is my fav piece of clothing to wear EVER. Preferably long sleeved and XXL plucked straight out of the men’s section. One of the reasons I like em so big is because – you guessed it – we’re going pantless folks. The longer, the better to cover your ass with AND men’s sizes are usually much more forgiving and allow for you to style them either loose or snatched in with a belt. If showcasing the bod is more your thing then stick with smaller sizes in the women’s section. Those tees (unless unisex) are meant to be a little more fitted most of the time. Thrifting for vintage tees is something I highly recommend b/c it’s eco conscious AND wallet conscious. You’re legit not going to find better vintage tees ANYWHERE else. If you thrift, pls let me know your fav spots so I can check them out! I will pair my tee with tights or a pair of knee socks from time to time as well but considering the weather is warmer in the Springtime, bare legs are the pants of choice. As for shoes I say anything goes. I’ve paired my tees with sneakers, knee high boots (my fav), strappy heels, flip flops and Birks.

Urban Outfitters Men’s Modelo Pigment Dye Tee $44 (bougie option)

Urban Outfitters Playboy Retro Tie-Dye Long Sleeve Tee $54 (bougie option)

Harley Davidson Men’s Long Sleeve T Shirt $49.95USD

Pretty Little Thing Black LA Long Sleeved Oversized T Shirt $19 (budget option)

Target Men’s Prince Purple Rain Short Sleeve Graphic Crewneck $12.99USD (budget option)

Zara Minimalist High Heeled Sandals $49.90 (budget option)

Steve Madden Showbiz Pointed Toe Knee High Boot $189.95 (bougie option)


I like to think I’m a real life angel no matter what people who know the real me say (wink, wink) so white is my favorite color to wear, hands down. Now, they say there’s a certain time of year that an all white look is acceptable and I say – psht, whose they? An all white look might be hard to pull off if you’re prone to getting more food on your clothes than you are in your mouth, or if you have furkids & kids but it’s just such a classic, clean & chic (so many c’s) look. It’s also a very versatile color (duh) & you can easily dress it up or down. White is an excellent choice when picking wardrobe staples since it pairs well with just about anything so when it comes to longevity – white is IT. Coats, blazers, pants, dresses – really, the options are endless. Here’s a look I’ve worn recently (with the platforms). All that’s missing is the tennis racket (oh, and the skill).

Aritzia TNA Tennis Skirt $68

Aritzia TNA Laid Back Longsleeve $30

Zara Platform Sneakers $39.90 (budget option)

Gucci White Logo Platform Sandals $455 (bougie option)


Pastels are the easiest way to brighten up your wardrobe if you’re scared of color. They’re soft and feminine and lucky for us – they’re in abundance this season. I love pairing a pastel colored top with a lighter colored wash of denim/shorts. Pastels come in so many different shades that you’ll easily find a color that works with your skin tone – something to take into account when shopping. Here’s some pieces that you can mix & match to create a handful of different looks. With Jasmine’s influence these days, I try to shop for pieces that I can create a bunch of different outfits with. A lot of the items below are easy to layer & pair with items you already have in your closet (blazers, shrunken cardis, denim jackets and fitted sweaters. Not me trying to shop more sustainably!?

Lovers + Friends Eva Midi Dress $224.69 (bougie option)

Pretty Little Thing Baby Blue Midi Strappy Dress $14 (budget option)

Zara Textured Weave Shorts with Buttons $59.90

Zara Textured Weave Blazer $159.00

Zara Crocheted Knit Top $39.90

Aritzia Wilfred Only Slip Dress $128

Abercrombie Tie Strap Trapeze Mini Dress $79


Neons and bright colors really never went anywhere. The fashion industry creates certain trends that us sheep follow when we see them all over social media and in magazines etc. I’m baa-baa-ing over here too, don’t take offense. It’s easy to be influenced when everywhere you look there’s an oversaturation of a certain trend. Call me Jumpy because I’m on board when it’s a look I think I can pull off as well. Neons and bright colors are perfect for Spring & Summer but you can also incorporate them into your Fall & Winter wardrobes without getting the side eye. And if you get that side eye? Keep walking. You look good in that lime green slip dress and Converse. You’re wearing it, not them. You should always wear whatever fits your mood or whatever you feel good in. Sure, there are times the Fashion Police will roll up on you but they really have no authority – so dust your shoulders off and do you. These are some brights I would most definitely wear:

Significant Other Lavita Dress $280 (bougie option)

Zara Skort with Buttons $49.90

Zara Embroidered Crocheted Skirt $35.90

Shein Neon Lime Ribbed Crop Tee $10

Sirens/Urban Planet Soft V Neck Wrap Double Strap Bodysuit $11.99

Sirens/Urban Planet Floral Printed V Neck Self Tie Dress $23.99

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