Had To Have The Skincare – Almond Clear Body Clearing Serum



It seems like these days the goal is GLASS skin, which is nearly impossible for most of us without a filter. Now as someone who has always had problematic skin, a product that actually smooths things out, gives me a glow and doesn’t destroy my skin in the process is a godsend. It may not be perfect but as damn close as I’m going to get! I do tend to get pesky body acne and KP on my arms and I absolutely hate it. I’ve tried everything under the sun and have finally come across something that is a winner. I kid you not, Almond Clear Body Clear Serum with mandelic acid is my new favorite product. I’m not often genuinely excited about skincare products unless they really perform and this had me hitting the re -buy button when this bad boy hit the halfway point. Discoloration and acne don’t know what hit them!

Exfoliants are trial and error and I’ve tried them all…including mandelic acid. Now if you don’t know what mandelic acid is, let me break it down for you. Mandelic acid belongs to the family of alpha hydroxy acids, otherwise known as AHAs. These are exfoliators that increase cell turnover, are anti-aging and can help with acne. Some other AHA’s like glycolic and lactic acid tend to be a little harsher on the skin so mandelic acid is a great option if you are a more sensitive skin type. It is larger in molecular weight than glycolic acid so it penetrates slower and that just may be what you need if you are super sensi. It’s great for brightening the skin, tackling some of that photo damage and just clearing out the pores. Might even give you that glassy, airbrushed look!

Now I have tried mandelic acid before and I thought it just did not work for me. Seeing another influencer (@prettyinprogress) highly recommend the Almond Clear Body Clearing Serum convinced me I had to give mandelic acid another shot. I had been using benzoyl peroxide but to lackluster results and bleached pajamas so I was ready for a change. I cannot believe that just after just 2 weeks my skin was smoother, clearer and glowing. As I continue to use it I keep seeing great results and minimal breakouts. I also use this to spot treat any zits that pop up on my face and it’s like MAGIC, poof, almost gone within a couple of days. I don’t know what the magic potion is in this formula but I’m a fan. Along with the Body Clearing Serum – Level 2 there is also a milder version in the Face & Body Clearing Serum -Level 1. My skin is quite used to retinols and acids so I went with the stronger version and I’m not using it all over my face. If you are new to acids I would suggest starting with Level 1 or getting Level 2 for body and Level 1 to use on your face.

I do want to point out that often with AHAs over exfoliation is the problem and not the product itself. There are only 3 things you need to remember. Start slow and don’t use it every day, ALWAYS wear sunscreen and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Hope I was able to lend some assistance for those trying to choose a serum that solves rather than creates issues!

You can try it for yourself HERE It’s a great price compared to pricier serums out there and their site currently has 20% if it’s your first order!


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