Had To Have The Makeup – Concealer

What?! They wear makeup?! They use concealer?! NOOOOOO. They just look so naturally blessed with flawless skin. Can’t believe they didn’t wake up that way! That’s what ya’ll are thinking right? No? Wow, way to support your fellow women. Ok, ok, we kid. We’re all WELL AWARE that ain’t nobody get that flawless look without a lil assistance. And we need it, trust. With that out of the way, we thought we’d share our fav concealers (AKA Superheroes) with you. We’ve broken them down into FAV, RUNNER UP & BUDGET FAV. As the summer is hitting and makeup is melting, we felt this is the perfect time to share our picks There’s no best kept secret – we love these so much that we want you to be able to experience the magic too. Sharing is caring after all.



Concealer is definitely one of my fav products for getting my under eye area nice & bright. I haven’t been wearing makeup most days of the week since I’m at home in glasses and a not so ironically messy bun but you bet I need to have ample supply for when I put my face on. I’m not too picky when it comes to a lot of products but like most, I do have a few favorites that I’ll buy over and over again. These are the concealers that have come through for me & I reward loyalty with loyalty so…

FAVORITE – TARTE SHAPE TAPE $39 CDN/ Not Avail @ US Sephora (Avail @ Ulta)

Ooh here’s one that Jasmine and I both agree on! (Along with 98% of those who have used it). I’m happy to say I was using it before it became hyped (not a brag, just that I’m a victim to hype sometimes, I admit it) & it’s a real ditty isn’t it? I love how it really brightens & the formula is so dang smooth. It covers what I want to cover & it lasts a whopping 16+ hours (not that I’ve ever worn it that long, but that’s what THEY say). Not a single crease or unsightly appearance from this sucker. I’ve never needed to touch up an area after applying (I also bake with setting powder so I’m sure that helps too) & my face sweats more than a suspect being interrogated for a double homicide so that should tell you something. The endless shade options are a huge plus & the formula is infused with shea & mango butter and licorice root all of which help retain skin’s elasticity, moisturize & create a brighter appearance while color correcting. If you’re looking for amazing coverage & all of the above – get it. *I use 20N – Light Sand for reference


This is one of the first NARS products I used & still consider it one of my favorites. I love the lipsticks, blushes and shadows so there’s no surprise I’m here for the face makeup as well. It corrects dark circles & blemishes, lasts forever & doesn’t crease. Keep in mind, these opinions are my own and I can only speak from my own experience (Jasmine didn’t have the best luck with it & you can check out her woes below). My skin falls under the “normal” category although I do get dryness and random blemishes from time to time. My biggest concern is dark spots from old blemishes &/or sunspots. Sun, so rude. I usually use concealer to help cover aforementioned issues and this one does the job well without needing touch-ups. It’s also priced decently and has a really natural finish which is what I want overall. I like a medium to full coverage concealer because, I want it to conceal. It’s concealer. BUT I hate when face makeup ends up looking dry and cakey which, this baby does not. No negative side effects for me – it creases a bit like so many others but it’s hardly something to note. It’s popular for a reason so if you’re a newb it’s an excellent choice. Medium coverage, a ton of hydrating ingredients, and a natural finish – if that’s what you’re looking for, this is it. *I use Custard for reference


This concealer is right up there with Shape Tape for me. I actually use it in combination with it. I’ll use shape tape as a base for the under eye area and then use this for all other areas because it applies so smooth and beautifully it’s almost mesmerizing. I’m spending time doing my makeup – I want to be mesmerized. I’m indulging you, so you entertain me! Right? Anyways, it’s a medium coverage concealer (conceals perfectly if you ask me) & the gel finish makes it really easy to apply, blend and set into the skin. I have yet to experience any negative effects with this bad boy other than slight creasing which is unnoticeable to anyone besides my criticial eye. He’s loyal, he’s true. I feel like it’s very brightening on my skin (it’s infused with pineapple ceramide which supposedly adds brightness so that could be it). I get redness from time to time and redness is no match for this stuff. It’s just so easy to cover what you want to cover, the gel formula is so nice – even for touch ups on the go. Nothing more unsightly than creating cake face by piling concealer on top of concealer – if you ever find you need a touch up, this’ll keep you from looking like a clay formation. *I use both Madeline & Custard for reference.


If someone told me I had to choose between my concealer and any other product, it would be my concealer one thousand percent. This is as close to perfection as I’m ever going to get my skin, plus as anyone who knows me can attest to, I love my makeup. I can literally go to the grocery store in my pajamas but my face will be on.

FAVORITE – TARTE SHAPE TAPE $39 CDN / Not Avail @ US Sephora

OK. To say this is my HG, ride or die, most beloved is putting it mildly. I am completely obsessed and NOTHING even comes close in my books.
This is a full coverage and long lasting concealer. The shade selection is quite extensive and I feel there’s a shade for all skin tones, from the fairest of the fair to those beautiful darker tones. My shade tends to be light to medium neutral (29N) for covering dark circles and light neutral(22N) to brighten up key areas of my face. It can be easily sheered out it if you prefer a lighter coverage. It is a thicker formula so I find blending with a damp beauty blender works best for me. I still get that full coverage but there’s no patchiness and it blends seamlessly with my foundation. Another huge plus is that it does not crease like crazy under my eyes. I’m always going to get a bit of creasing but it’s not even noticeable with this.
I really want to emphasize how long lasting this gem is. I can go from 6am until midnight with it having minimal creasing and still being pretty intact. Minimal touch ups needed. I have worn it in the sweltering Cabo heat and in Vegas during the hottest months and it did not melt off my face!


I have to be honest, it’s not even close. I love Tarte Shape Tape so much that no concealer truly compares for me, but if I had no choice this would be what I would settle for.
It has many of the same attributes in that it’s full coverage (not quite as much as Tarte if you ask me) and has a wide range for shade selection. I find it to be a bit more creamy and not as long lasting. It also does crease more for me under my eyes and that’s not something I love. I don’t quite get the flawless look I want. I do love it for contour though. When I’m willing to put in the time for a liquid contour this is my go to. It’s creamy so it’s very easy to blend and there are shades that don’t pull orange so win-win in my book.

BUDGET FAV- MAYBELLINE NY INSTANT AGE REWIND CONCEALER $9.99 USD/ $13.99 CDN (price differs w/ diff. retailers)

This is pretty amazing for a drugstore concealer, but by no means does it stand up to my top 2 choices. I love some drugstore products but foundations and concealers don’t cut it for me. The shade range is more limited and the applicator can be pretty annoying but it’s pretty good for covering up those dark under eye circles. My skin is finicky and most drugstore concealers aren’t full coverage or long lasting enough for me so I don’t use them often.


Don’t kill me for saying this. I know it’s an HG for so many people out there, it just did not work for me. I was so excited to try this, the hype got to me. I saw so many of my favorite bloggers raving about this and I thought this would be the solution to my imperfect skin looking a bit more perfect. Unfortunately it was very dry on me and emphasized all my problems instead of covering them up. I shouldn’t be too surprised seeing as how Nars foundations have also never worked for me. I’ll stick to my favorite Nars blushes and bronzers and stay away from the foundations and concealers.

*I had to throw in this category because we’re talking concealer & I had a tale to tell so why not?

What’s your fav concealer? If you have a gem you’d like to un-earth for us – we’re all ears!

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