On Trend – 2021 Fall + Winter Fashion

We’re FALL-ing in love with the trends we saw displayed at Fashion Week & although we’d love to amp up that drip by draping ourselves in right off the runway pieces – that would probably cause some consternation with the bank. AKA – you don’t have enough money you idiot, what are you thinking. So, we instead got our minds right and thought we’d share some pieces that won’t break the bank but will still make it look like you stepped off the catwalk. That might be a stretch, but hey, here’s hoping.


You’d have to be a KNIT-wit to not want to get behind this trend. Not calling anyone out, just wanted to use the pun hyuck, hyuck. Classic knit pieces are everywhere right now & it comes at the perfect time because we’ve all gotten so used to our loungewear in the past year and a half we’re having a hard time getting out of it. Knitwear that’s elegant, chic and comfortable is what you want to go for. Think fabrics that make your pj’s & your GNO clothes jealous, all at the same time.


SIGNIFICANT OTHER – Sylvia Knit Dress $329CDN

I love this dress for a bunch of different reasons. The shape is classic so it’ll stand the test of time and it’s an elegant full coverage style with just the right amount of sexy. The back detail is gorgeous and the slit is necessary IMO. I like to show a lil leg (practically pant-less no matter what the season) so it’s much appreciated. The body hugging fabric and construction is also great for not only layering but taking out for a PM look because it shows off the bod in a classy way. The price is higher than I would spend on a dress that otherwise seems basic but the detailing, the fabric and the fact that it’s a classic piece makes it justifiable.

Zara Fringed Knit Vest -$49.90CDN

A vest is another timeless piece that we’ve all had in our wardrobes at one point. Vests don’t = boring and they don’t have to be black or grey – I feel like that’s what people think of when vest comes to mind. I love a statement piece and this is IT. The color is so pretty & easy to wear and the fringe detailing is blowing my mind. Some might consider it a trendier item but if you’re able to wear it with a handful of different pieces you already own then it’s a great purchase.


Dynamite Sweater Vest $54.95CDN

When did Sweater Vests become so cool?!  I always wished I could wear these in school but we had no uniforms and eons ago it just wasn’t cool.  Now I finally get to live out those childhood dreams!  This sweater vest is a beautiful neutral color and the perfect length to work with an extra long white shirt.  You can easily take the slightly more conservative road and pair your vest with some pants or shorts.  I on the other hand will be wearing my vest with a white shirt and some OTK boots… and that’s about it!

Banana Republic Turtleneck Sweater Dress in Responsible Wool – $189.00

Sweater dresses are the best for all occasions and for all shapes and sizes.  They give me all the cozy feels without giving up any style quotient.  Normally I wouldn’t even pay $189 when there are so many budget options around but look at that fit and how luxe the material is.  I’ve had one too many sweater dresses that were not flattering or clung to the wrong areas and made me feel like I had just jumped in some poison ivy.  Here’s a dress that has none of those problems and is also a very sustainable purchase.  This will not go out of style and should hold up for more than one season!  No guilt!


Not only is this “trend” perfect for Fall/Winter but it’s perfect for your wardrobes because ski chic has been in style for decades. An all white look is v. appropriate here along with blanket coats in fun colors, puffer vests (here’s lookin at you TNA Superpuff) & fitted sweaters in cute prints. Since we’re not actually going to be hitting the slopes we can put fashion at the forefront, not function – layering these pieces with slip dresses, midi skirts and faux leather leggings is what we’re thinking. Soooo investing in some shearling, thermal and down filled coats, puffers, nubby argyle & sleek one pieces will have you looking like you just took a PJ back from Breckenridge. At least, that’s the goal.


No. 6 Pull on Shearling Boots $480

Uggs will be my one & only when it comes to a pull on boot (I love my Chestnut minis) but these are equal parts cozy and fashionable. I love the heel, the color and the fact that they’re lined with shearling. COZY AF is an understatement. I’d definitely wear these as much as possible and for years to come because they’re pretty versatile in my opinion.

Zara Argyle Knit Jacquard Cardigan $79.90CDN

I LOVE argyle – there’s just something so preppy chic and timeless about it. This cardi combines argyle, knit comfort & versatility into one piece of clothing. I like softer shades for argyle because I love pairing them with white & denim and it gives me that apres’ ski look I want. Also – something that gives a pop of color with a cute print but can still be considered timeless is what I like to spend my money on hunnnny.


TNA The Super Puff Mid – $298

Forget the argyle sweaters and vests, I’m here for the puffers.  I love these guys in all shapes and sizes, from the shiny to the matte.  This might actually be the upside to those low temps.  Any excuse to be bundled up in one of my puffers!  It is definitely more of a functional item than anything else but that does not mean you can’t look like it came straight out of a magazine shoot.  The bright white Canada Goose gets me every time.  This is not your average puffer, it’s designed for those COLD temps, all the way down to -25.  I always love a removable hood, gives the jacket more versatility and allows me to dress it up when I need to.  If there was ever a purchase that keeps giving year over year it’s would be a solid puffer/parka, definitely worth the big bucks!

Zara Colorblock Knit Sweater – $59.90

Seriously, how freaking cute is this sweater?!  This is colorblock done right.  I love the high collar to keep things toasty with those sleeves and ribbed trim! It’s everything I would want up on the mountain to keep things stylish.  It’s also nice to find a sweater that’s not either down to my knees or cropped ( I mean c’mon, we don’t all want to be half naked or drowning in a top).  I’m so tired of colorblock just being a basic striped sweater, here we get some geometric patterns in more vibrant shades on a softer pink shade.  Can’t wait to wear this this season.


Tailoring is all about craftsmanship, angles, and clean lines. Crisp lapels, sharp shoulders, oversized but not frumpy, boxy but not unflattering. You get it. And the buck doesn’t stop at pantsuits – think EVERYTHING. Blazers, vests, dresses, wide leg pants, shirts, the options are endless and they’re layered too. Check out our picks…


Aritzia Conan Pant $148

Hands down the most comfortable tailored pant I’ve ever put on. When I couldn’t get away with leggings at the office I’d reach for these no question. I love the cropped length – they pair perfectly with a sandal, pump, loafer, bootie, sneaker GIRL YOU NAME IT and they have this elegant slim fit that’s just so flattering no matter what your body shape. The Lyocell material is easy to wear, comfortable and doesn’t crease or wrinkle either. If you’re looking for a pant like this I assure you they’re worth the higher price.

Zara Cut Out Blazer Dress $79.90CDN

Tailored ain’t just for leaving at the office – I know that’s a popular belief especially since we’re so used to wearing our coziest pj’s while WFH and it’s not like you’re going to button yourself up into a blazer just to roll over and switch on your laptop BUT think outside the 9-5. As we mentioned above, tailored designs are making their mark on classic items like dresses, robes, blazers and skirt sets. If you want something that’s fairly comfortable, polished and chic – then a blazer dress is just what you need. And if you’re a little extra like me? You need this one. The color alone is UGH – Heaven. And the peek-a-boo amps up the overall look tenfold.


Dynamite Gisele Croco Faux Leather Pants $69.95

Leather leggings used to be a fave but the idea of squeezing myself into a pair gives me nightmares.  I love the fitted and flare styles that are so readily available now.  The croc pattern on these pants in that rich brown shade checks all the boxes for me.  This may be a budget buy , however, these pants look luxe and who would even know?  More importantly there are plenty of sizes for me to work with, and with my love for all things cake, that is a must.

Wilfred Cherelle Blazer – $228

I’ve been loving blazers this year.  It has been a number of years since I’ve been into them but blazers have come back in a big way.  From perfectly structured to oversized they can be worn with anything. I especially love the Cherelle blazer in cream.  It’s the kind of blazer that gives you that relaxed, slightly oversized feel.  I can easily throw it on  with jeans and an oversized tee  or  go all out in a mini skirt and crop top with some sky high stilettos.  I can justify the price point because this is just so wearable and provides endless outfit options.

These are just a handful of the trends that are on track to make it onto tons of Wish lists this Fall/Winter. Remember you don’t have to spend half your car payment on updating your wardrobe. We’re piggybacking off of runway looks and high end designers and although a few of these pieces are mid- range there’s many options available that are much more affordable and don’t skimp on quality. Some are an investment sure and will cost more for excellent craftsmanship but shop smart. Yea, yea, me included. – jennifer 😉

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