Holiday Gift Guide – Beauty

Deck The Halls

But also don’t sleep on the gift giving this year because as if the past year or so wasn’t chaotic enough – SHIPPING DELAYS are the theme of most of our nightmares recently. If you like waiting at the window for the UPS truck to show up you might need to get REAL COZY.

Buuut whether you’re buying for yourself or for your girls – we got you. No matter how picky the recipient, these suggestions are sure to create the frenzied reaction they deserve. And if Santa’s reading – we wouldn’t mind finding a few of these under our tree this year either…tis the season.

*Scroll for tips on what to keep in mind when you’re gifting beauty products.


It’s hyped for a reason and if you’re looking to try a little bit of each then this set is perfect. Unless the person is allergic or sensitive to the ingredients then you can’t go wrong – sometimes having to buy ourselves hair care products is a chore so someone buying them for me is veryyyy welcome. These are great for a ton of different hair types as well & you save about $30 purchasing as a set – that’s what Ilike to hear.


Not only are Necessaire products spa quality – they also look pretty sitting in your shower & on your vanity. This affordable set has a little bit of everything – they’re best selling products for a reason. It includes 4 products – body wash, body serum, exfoliant & body lotion and if you (or your giftee) doesn’t feel like they’re getting red carpet ready after using then ya’ll are doing something wrong.


STOP IT. This is SO GOOD. 12 travel sized minis in varying shades that will probably last you FOREVER. Okay not forever because that’s gross but you know what I mean. There’s a color for everyone. You have to be willing to try something you normally wouldn’t when it comes to lip sets because although they’re selected carefully that doesn’t mean you’ll love every shade buuuuut there’s like 10 I would wear here and they’re fairly popular colors so it’s safe. Perfect for someone whose makeup personality is bold & easygoing. Oh and you don’t have to gift the whole thing to one person – these would make great stocking stuffers or additions to a gift you want to add a lil somethin more to.


This 12 eye brush set is a great option for someone you know isn’t a makeup expert (because they’d probably already have quite the collection). It’s everything you need to get whichever eye look you’re going for. It contains all the essentials AND MORE and Morphe brushes are great quality for a more affordable price.


The scent alone is enough to make you want to keep it for yourself but tis the season and all right? Let’s be honest – we’re all mostly keen to a good aesthetic and this is a GOOD AESTHETIC. You’re giving the gift of self care in the form of a gel based body wash that hydrates & smooths and makes the recipient feel like they just got out of the spa, not their shower at home.


Aesop products are not only high quality and worthy of sniffing all day long but they also deliver. The price point might be a little higher for some but rest assured knowing that whoever finds this gift wrapped under the tree or in their stocking will hold you in high regard forevermore. One of my fav scents is Rind concentrate & Ressurection – both scents that are unique and long lasting on the skin as well.


Now listen – I know I like to hype up a fragrance or a scent that my nostrils can’t contain themselves over. I KNOW. But this right here – OOF. One of the most decadent, luxe, perfectly fragrant & exquisite scents I’ve smelled in a long time. This is the newest fragrance in Ford’s line up and I apologize in advance – once you smell it you’ll be doing everything you can to get your hands on it. Palo santo wood accord, ebony wood accord, rose are it’s main notes. The only other TF fragrance I’ve felt this way about is Tobacco Vanille (although the entire collection is AMAZING). If this isn’t a scent you or the giftee would be into (who are YOU??) then you won’t have a hard time finding one that is. Available at most luxury retailers & Sephora.


A candle connisseur’s dream come true – Diptyque candles really are the epitome of luxury. This set is perfect for someone who doesn’t already have a collection built (unless they need replacing). The throw is incredible and although these are the travel size they’ll still last a long time. The set includes 5 of Diptyque’s iconic candle scents and should more than satisfy even the pickiest nose.


I received my silk pillowcase as a Christmas gift & I’ve been in love ever since. Not only does it make bedtime kinda faaahncy but it also protects your hair, prevents creasing on your face and saves you money from getting facial treatments done in the long run. You’re saving the recipient $$ and giving them a luxe present. Double whammy. And this one comes in a bunch of different colors so it’ll go with the current bed linens one might have – just up to you to find out what kind.


Hair fragrance is a thing YES. It’s perfect for hair washing days off & it comes in clutch for that post-workout. It also plays a role in layering fragrances which will almost certainly allow whatever you’re wearing to last longer & have a farther reach to the point of you having to swat people away from you. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Oh – & a multi functional product is MY JAM so this also works as a setting spray and body perfume. Oh shoot – quadruple whammy. There’s also a bunch of other scents available – I just loved this bottle for the obvious reason.

There’s 2092365027.999 various other beauty products that would have made it into this category but I had to narrow it down to 10. I do have some tips to keep in mind when gifting beauty items though – perhaps you want to put these in your pocket for later:


If you’re gifting perfume & aren’t sure if the scent will be loved then find out what they’re currently wearing & loving. You can always take that knowledge to a Sephora Beauty Advisor – or my choice, a perfumer at a luxury retailer like Nordstrom and they’ll be able to tell you exactly what scent to choose.

If you’re planning on gifting makeup to someone you don’t know well enough to already know what types of shades + formulas they like then take advantage of gift sets. There’s almost always something in a set that will be appreciated & that way if they don’t like a certain lipstick shade for example, they can always pass it on to someone who might without having to re-gift the entire thing which would SUCK.

Hair Care products are generally a pretty safe gift choice unless you know the other person to be really picky or selective about their hair. In that case – don’t bother or if you know of a multi-use, popular or best-selling product that’s highly rated no matter where you look then that’s your best bet.

Happy Gifting! And I didn’t include smaller boutiques & shops for our beauty gift guide because sometimes it’s hard to find makeup products. I also didn’t include local shops because we’re all global but this is your reminder that you can find all sorts of gifts when you shop small biz & locally. Your transactions will most definitely make a positive impact in the lives of small business owners, it’s been a rough couple of years!


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