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You might think clothing & shoes aren’t the easiest gifts to give – and you’re right. Better suited for when you know the person beyond a superficial level because you know their style. I’m a rebel though – or at least I think so, so I’m going to show you a handful of items that take the guesswork out of gifting fashion & are bound to be worn until in tatters.

No gift receipt required.


PJ’s are an excellent gift choice because no matter who pretends they don’t – we all need them especially since many of us have become used to working from home & a business on the top, bedtime on the bottom situation. They’re classic and bound to be worn – can’t really go wrong just please don’t be ballsy enough to gift lingerie (unless you know it’s something someone wanted specifically). That’s kinda cringe. If my mom’s reading this then this doesn’t apply to the underwear I’m always happy to see in my stocking, thanks. Anyways – this set is made of lightweight jersey & is swing-y and plush and anyone who says no to this – well, I don’t know them.


A scarf is no longer the gift you reserve for your grandma or someone you don’t know very well. Two extremes, I know. Just saying. When it’s equal parts fashion & for protection from the elements it’s a great gift choice. Who doesn’t need a scarf? Even me who goes pantless in the dead of Winter needs one. To cover my legs with at the very least. It’s an essential item really. Plus the blanket style scarves are hugely popular and I feel this one here is going to be on a ton of different wish-lists.


I run hot but I don’t even go without slippers in 90 degree weather & that could be because my feet and hands are almost always cold & I know I’m not the only one. Females always be cold. The gift of comfort and cuteness is almost always appreciated. Really anything that adds to the hygge atmosphere when we want to be tucked in all cozy at home is welcome by most. There’s A TON of different slippers that would make great gifts but I love these not only for the fun print but because they’re easy to wear year round.


I got this for myself last year (well, the “old” one) & I love it not only for when I’m working out outdoors but for layering with a sweatsuit, button down or lounge-y look similar to the one shown here. It’s hooded, packable, plenty protection against the cold for if you’re not in like, Alpine weather and it’s also wind resistant & water repellent. More details on the website – but anyone living anywhere it gets cold in the Winter will appreciate finding this under the tree!


Pardon my ignorance but I don’t know anyone who has never made use of a t shirt. Whether it’s to sleep in, lounge in, workout in, wear as part of your outfit – just, I’d be shocked is all. I don’t need to reiterate but graphic tees are always on trend. They were the “vintage” we’re all clamoring over these days. Van Halen isn’t on the Billboard 100 right now (are they?) but they’re classic. It makes for a great gift for a VH fan and a fan of fashion. If they can’t name even one song off whichever album though? – that’s on them, not you.


You might think that a loud print like this isn’t a good gift option and hey, depending on who you’re gifting it to – maybe. But these prints are popular right now because they’re fun, nostalgic and will make you stand out no matter where you are – Aisle 5 in Target or a ski hill. I love a 1/4 zip but a 1/2 is just as easy to throw on for a little extra layering & warmth. This style comes in one other print as well.


Soft, cozy, nubby is EVERYWHERE right now & it’s perfect timing obviously. If you’re gifting to someone who you know loves a baseball cap or wearing hats then this is perfect. Not only will it keep them warm but it’ll keep them ON POINT fashion wise.


One of the easier pieces of clothing to gift are ones that don’t need to be tailored or fitted to any real specific size. Sweaters are a safe bet because they can be worn either fitted or oversized so if the recipient loves the print they’re compelled to wear it whether it fits them perfectly or not. This is a fun print – stripes are practically classic and the apres ski look is huge right now so you’re giving the the gift of being on trend whether they’re aware of it or not.


I picked this robe because Barefoot Dreams anything is insanely popular BUT there are tons of cozy, plush robes that are in abundance during the holidays so take your pick. Unless you know that the giftee hates robes & PJ’s or being warm and cozy then you know you’re going to make off with a W.


If you’re unsure about someone’s size but have a rough idea then stick to pieces that are either a little oversized (if they’re into that look) or sweaters & tops that are generally a little looser fitting. Here’s what you don’t need exact sizing for:

  • T Shirts (Graphic tees, band tees etc)
  • Knit sweaters & scarves
  • Button down over-shirts like flannels
  • PJ’s & Robes
  • Cozy Slippers & fuzzy socks
  • Sweatsuits
  • Vests & Puffers

If you aren’t sure if a print or design will be loved then – other than making sure you get a gift receipt – use the knowledge of the store employees if you’re shopping in person. They’re not just there to get you a fitting room. Most retailers will hire knowledgeable staff & product knowledge is a requirement of their training. You might not find them in places where they sell fast fashion – like, places where things have been flung off hangers and everyone looks pissed off or exhausted – but you will in most fashion retailers like Aritzia, Nordstrom, Saks, Lululemon and in outdoorsy places as well as shoe stores.

If you’re shopping online almost all retailers will provide reviews, alternatives for a specific look, and suggestions, so if you’re not savvy then those are all tools at your disposal.

I’m a firm believer in “it’s the thought that counts” & you should be grateful that someone is even gifting you to begin with so if you really do want to get something for someone & have put time and thought into it then no matter what, it will be appreciated. And if not, then they’re getting coal next year. Santa be watching your ungrateful butt. LOL.

Stay Tuned for the next Gift Guide….


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