Had To Have The Makeup – Concealer

What?! They wear makeup?! They use concealer?! NOOOOOO. They just look so naturally blessed with flawless skin. Can’t believe they didn’t wake up that way! That’s what ya’ll are thinking right? No? Wow, way to support your fellow women. Ok, ok, we kid. We’re all WELL AWARE that ain’t nobody get that flawless look withoutContinue reading “Had To Have The Makeup – Concealer”

Beauty Review – Was It Worth It?

Guys. Ya’ll. Everyone. Ladies. Babes. We know you’ve heard of or seen these LIFE CHANGING, MUST HAVE products at some point during your social media/random Netflix scroll time. Or you’ve thought about purchasing & all of a sudden you’re getting emails and ads infiltrating your life – they’re always listening. Don’t know who “they” is,Continue reading “Beauty Review – Was It Worth It?”